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The Silent Antminer System – Model 4″ Complete System with Ducts and Adapter

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Price: 125.00 USD

Bitcoin Miner:

The Silent Antminer System – Model 4″ Complete System with Ducts and Adapter

Custom-Made Antminer Noise Insulation / Reduction System

The system includes: 

1)  Acoustic Box (1x) 

2)  Insulated exhaust (1x) duct (5-6 foot long)

3)  Insulated intake (1x) duct (5-6 foot long)

4)  Custom 3D-printed exhaust Duct adapter (1X)  

Reduction in noise allows having several ASICs in the same room without suffering significant noise. 

Noise may further be reduced in a cool environment (air-conditioned room).

No permanent modification to your miner.  

The provided duct adapter is attached to the miner with existing screws.

The provided intake duct is inserted directly into the box.

The provided exhaust duct fits right around the duct-adapter (provided). You may choose to secure the duct with tape or a zip-tie, but this is not necessary. 

Please note: 

Version 4″ (this product) is suited for miners with a single fan on each end. 

Version 6″ (See our other items https://www.ebay.com/itm/294401053807) will support single-fan or double-fan miners (S15, S17, S19 (not Pro), and many more) 

Version 6″ extra long (https://www.ebay.com/itm/294401050217) is suited to the new line of miners S19jPro, and beyond

Please double check the title of the listing to make sure you order the system that is right for you.

*       Significant Noise Reduction (Depends on the Equipment used and its configuration)

**     Please ensure that, prior to turning your miner on, the ducts are not kinked or blocked in any way. This will facilitate the removal of the hot air away from the miner and prolong its lifespan. 

         A Cool and Quiet Antminer = A Happy Crypto-Miner !!!

***   Additional ducts and adapters may be purchased from us. Please see our other items, or contact us for more information. 

**** The color of some components may vary based on availability.

Due to the nature of mining, all sales are final, no returns. Please send a message BEFORE Purchasing if you have any questions.

Greetings potential customer (soon to be one 🙂 )

The set up is straight forward and should take a few minutes to complete. The adapter is attached to the exhaust side of the miner and connected to a duct through the exhaust side of the system. The intake fan/s on the miner remain as is. The second duct is then attached to the intake side of the system but is not connected to the miner. This duct provides all the air the miner needs. The miner pulls the air from the box, transfers it through the hash boards and out through the adapter and exhaust duct. 

From tests I performed in the past, I managed to reduce the noise from over 80db to around 60db. A key for the systems I build is the insulated ducts that further reduce the noise.  

As with all things associated with mining cryptocurrency, different miners, hash rate / overclocking set ups, ambient temperature, etc., My results may not translate well to others.   

Please don’t hesitate to ask any and all questions,

I’m here to help



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