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Refit machine kits + Antminer Warmth Sink Aluminum Radiators For T17+ 64T Hash Board

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Price: 479.99 USD

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Refit machine kits + Antminer Warmth Sink Aluminum Radiators For T17+ 64T Hash Board


Diverse heat sinks contain diversified machine kits, Please be obvious what model you’d like.


Refit Instrument Kits


At the side of:

1. Pick tin stencil

2. Thermal paste stencil

3. Hashboard body

4. Screw tin machine

5. Scraper *2

Packing checklist:


1. Warmth sinks  (Hash board Not Included)

2. Parts (Screw/Nut/Rubber/Ring Spring)

 Gift: 1 position for 1 miner (3 pcs hash board)

3.Refit Instrument Kits 1 position


1.Fresh Thrilling Warmth Sink Design Why spend?


This newly designed one-portion clip-on heatsink solution can abet toughen the soundness and efficiency of the Antminer S17/T17 model for higher profitability. In comparison with the set of veritably replacing the BM1397 chip, the Antminer S17/T17 refitting heat sink saves cash whereas bettering its provider life. You’re going to not deserve to repair and replace chips or hash boards many instances, put quite quite a lot of repairs time and charges, and accumulate extra environment tremendous miners and better selling prices.

At the moment, the ideas from miners the use of the Antminer S17/T17 serials all-in-one heatsink, the restored S17/T17 serials miner is extra secure and can withstand birth.


Please contain all chips working effectively sooner than updating

1. Pick the customary heat sink;

2. Handle out the chip, purchase away the tin on the chip;

3. Clear up the hash board;

4. Clear the pad;

5. Fix the tin-plated nut (with the hole facing down) on the pad;

6. Add thermal paste, fasten the warmth sink to the board (thermal paste/pad – keep it on the board – position the washers – screws).

7. Done and examined on the followers.



2.Why pause Antminer S17/T17 serials need to replace their heat sinks (what’s the priority)?


Antminer S17 plus became produced in 2019 with an awesome efficiency curve between 39-50 W/TH. But why is the set of a equivalent spec rig extra than double that of the S17/T17 serials miner? It be on story of unfortunate soldering and temperature variations can trigger the solder joints on the S17/T17 serials model to rupture, petite solder balls can accumulate caught on the pins of the chip, inflicting instant circuits and permanent chip damage; the glue can additionally dry out, inflicting heat to not accumulate out of the chip properly up conduction out, inflicting the chip to burn out. In the end, the hash board fails to work properly. Therefore, ragged miners are far below the market set of equivalent miners, they veritably can’t be sold and even die on offer.

The S17/T17 serials hash board could also even be restored by replacing the chip, transforming the solder paste, and replacing the hash board. Nonetheless, quite quite a lot of these repairs could also even be ongoing and dear for miners in the case of downtime and repair charges. Additionally, it could perhaps most likely perhaps also atomize again after the repair is returned. So, selecting the S17/T17 serials all-in-one heatsink to withhold miners is a smarter resolution.



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