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NFT Leaf Final Draft Football JA’MARR CHASE Gold Spectrum #3/10 LOW MINT!!

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Price: 299.00 USD


NFT Leaf Final Draft Football JA’MARR CHASE Gold Spectrum #3/10 LOW MINT!!


Digital NFT Leaf Final Draft Football Ja’Marr Skedaddle Final Weapon Gold Spectrum  – Digital NFT Card – Mint #3 of 10

  • This is a Digital NFT pack. There will likely be no physical pack/merchandise sent to the purchaser. All gross sales are final. 

  • Assortment Title: ufb.leafnft
  • Sequence: series1
  • Asset Title: Ja’Marr Skedaddle
  • Mint Quantity: #3 of 10
  • Subset: Final Weapon  
  • Rarity: Gold Spectrum

  • This is a Digital NFT/Asset Card.

    You have to maintain a WAX Wallet fable in dispute to receive this card. Signing up for a WAX Wallet is free, obtain, takes about 30 seconds and exclusively requires your email. Lunge to https://pockets.wax.io/ to register in case you assemble no longer maintain already bought an fable. 

  • Price Please add your Wax fable to the message of the charge.  I 
    will send the merchandise inner just a few hours of charge without delay to your 
    wax pockets. 
    NFT Asset Transfer After paying for the merchandise, please message me along with your
    WAX Wallet ID in verbalize that I’m in a position to provoke the switch. 
    Extra Data Extra facts about NFTs on
    No items will likely be mailed.  All items are digital transfers.  
    Ebay will no longer put simplest supply probability on NFTs as of now. 
    Must you opt to have to achieve a proposal and I agree I’m in a position to top-notch
    lower the uncover now label.  

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