NFT digital art From

NFT digital art From

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Price: 100.00 USD


NFT digital art From

This is a Digital NFT. There will be no physical item sent to the buyer. All sales are final.

Creator Name: Kemnodotz

Series: Voodoo doll

Asset Name: Voodoo doll 0034

Mint Number: #1of 5

Underwear: None

Minted: 1/12/22

Eyes: One pink

Hats/Hair: stitched voodoo doll

Bottoms: None

Background: Maroon

Blockchain: Ethereum/

This is a Digital NFT/Asset.

You must have a Defi Wallet and a account in order to receive this NFT. Signing up for a Defi Wallet/ is free, secure, takes about 30 seconds and requires your email. Go to to sign up if you don’t already have an account. This Nft is only transferable to a Defi wallet. You must send me your wallet address on the order details or in a message. Nft takes 24hours to recieve. Cannot be copyrighted

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