NFT: Crypto Bauhaus #1 Cronos CRO

NFT: Crypto Bauhaus #1 Cronos CRO

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Price: 10.00 USD


NFT: Crypto Bauhaus #1 Cronos CRO

This is collection of “Crypto Bauhaus by Stolz“. 

This collection on the Cronos blockchain!

Minted 10/10

Unique PFP x NFT in 3D abstract painting. Piet Mondrian is the founder of abstract painting. 

Rework in NFT by Julli Stolz. Added volume, improved overall composition, changed colors.

Canvas 2048 x 2048, color depth 32, .png format (with transparency).

You have a real chance to become one of them and increase your income from investments in NFT art.

This is a NFT digital collectable. More can be viewed on Crypto NFT (JulliStolz). 

  • This is for a digital item, no physical item included. 
  • After purchase, please send me your Crypto org Chain address. 
  • No returns accepted. 
  • The transfer of the collectable will be recorded. 

Warning: Withdrawing this NFT to an address not compatible with the Chain, or to a CRO wallet address in the App will result in the permanent loss of your NFT.

Any questions please ask! Search my twitter: stolzgame

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