Mining DogeCoin – 2022 Guide – Make Money with Doge!

Dogecoin mining 2022 is it still worth it to get a dogecoin miner what’s the best dogecoin miner to buy how can you earn crazy passive in combining a meme coin of talking potentially hundreds of dollars per day that’s insane income period especially passive income with the device you plug in set it and you literally start cashing in my name is vosk i’ve been mining cryptocurrencies full time for almost five years now it’s Been an absolutely crazy journey this is my pup i’m a full-time doge dad and i absolutely love her and i picked her up this beautiful shiva inu before i even knew what dogecoin was that’s called destiny and this is 10 seconds of tale something we do here every day on the channel make sure to slap that subscribe button and let’s jump into just another crazy boss coin video.

i’ve been mining cryptocurrencies full time for over five years behind me are Some literal dogecoin miners the mini doges by goldshell full transparency and disclaimer right so i i have collaborated with an asic and application specific integrated circuit miner manufacturer to bring a super cool miner to market and to also honor our legendary pup tails who is a doge but that doesn’t mean i’m just going to show dogecoin mining and things like that these miners are sold out right now we’re trying to bring another batch but They sell out within minutes because the demand for mining hardware is through the roof right now because to be honest it truly is incredibly profitable more than four years ago i ordered my first litecoin script miner and that miner also merged mined dogecoin so i got bonus dogecoin payouts and that miner was incredibly profitable it had

Huge money profitability day to day and then i also sold it for three times what i paid for it was a risky move i bought it on credit i love mining okay just to be blunt i’m joking i my actual myself oh man so we got a bunch of mini doge miners in the garage right now we’re testing actually a couple crazy rigs um so kind of shuffling through what i can run all at the same time because i’m limited on power here which is why we

Bought 100 acres to build a solar powered mining farm anyway i’m just i’m super stoked that mining is so fun it’s so profitable it could change your life in so many ways but anyway i’m gonna go jump on my computer and we’re gonna jump into the meat of today’s video and just really break down dogecoin mining the best dogecoin miners and what the future of

Doge mining really looks like as always nothing in this video is five financial advice just a little bit of positive news and the doge perks up his ears are up just like the chart even though doge is down significantly from its all-time high at current prices and one quick alert here please watch out for scammers i’m not emailing you from a gmail there’s no group by specifically even with gold shell that we are offering or anything like that i don’t Want your money i just want you to subscribe to the channel and just you know tune in every day with me and just leave some comments and have fun we’re focused here big time on one dogecoin equals one dogecoin the really the the first mainstream original the the meme coin the coin that became bigger than just a joke a meme it really is like the whole movement moniker that you know some people like to parade under and what is it it’s just supposed to be a

Bitmain Antminer S17+ 76THs Bitcoin Miner with PSU Working ConditionFun and friendly internet currency that was the original use case was kind of born out of tipping on the dogecoin subreddit gold show is the leader in dogecoin and litecoin mining manufacturing that’s a script asic miner script is a mining algorithm as you see on the screen read it read it and you we can also read asic an application specific integrated circuit minor okay so gold show makes the best miners here except for one which we’re Going to discuss and just so you know miners come in and out of stock so i’ll drop the gold shell link down the video description below and miners coming in all the time and going out very quickly after that you can also buy from resellers you can buy second-hand auction sites like ebay stuff like that we’ll touch on that but i’m going to go over like a basic formula that will hopefully help you be successful with this because i’m not here to show you Gear i don’t care what you buy if you watch this video and then you decide that you know dogecoin mining isn’t for you that’s fine that’s that’s absolutely fine i’m not trying to influence you i just want to make a cool video i just wanted to be like hey like you you came over we were hanging out and you one of my thoughts on dogecoin mining and and i’m a dogecoin miner right because i i truly am maintaining 1.31 gigahash a

Second of script mining power mining with uh f2 pull here mining about .03 litecoin a day and about 50 to 55 doge a day and at current prices that breaks down to about five dollars a day on litecoin and about fifteen dollars a day in doge so about 20 a day and that is the real world mining performance of seven i look ridiculous here mini doge miners by gold shell so seven miners creating about one point gigahash a second Earning about three dollars a day definitely even if you have an awful electric rate clearing two dollars a day mining profitability and that may not seem like that much right so let’s take a low number here just two bucks times 365 that’s one year basically you break even in one year and let’s talk about a little basic formula if you will break even on your mining hardware investment in about a year or less it’s a win in my book if you’re not thinking long term

Mining DogeCoin – 2022 Guide

Like that then go get a different hobby go invest in something else see how long it takes you to make your money back sure cryptocurrency is a speculative sector and volatile stuff like that but honestly not really year over year on average people are making a killing you know life-changing gains getting rich becoming millionaires or

I don’t know you could go buy the ford stock because they’re going electric because the government made them maybe you’ll be up five percent every year on average nice nice really cool i’m up over 100 on all of my miners as far as roi return on investment really we’re talking break even it’s a little bit different the way this breaks down but i mean that’s my formula ideally i’m breaking even on my gear in three to Four months if the coin pumps and you hold all the coins that you mine well in retrospect you weren’t just making three bucks a day you could be making 30 bucks a day and those are the kinds of crazy gains that dogecoin miners of the past have really made and enjoyed fortune favors what did they say the brave cryptocur calm said they got matt damon saying fortune favors the brave fortune’s

Favoring the brave now not the bold we’re done with the bolt which by the way what’s isn’t just the fact they sponsor your boy annually but also that you can trade dogecoin there i actually mine my dogecoin right into my account because why would i want to maintain another wallet then i can cash it out and take profits if i want to elon starts you know tweeting about doge all day and the pump

Pump up pumps well guess what my dose is ready it’s in an exchange it’s accessible and with their earn feature i earn interest on my cryptocurrencies so i’m making money with my money while i have hardware making me money all while i’m not doing anything other than plugging this in and maybe clicking a trade and you get 25 bucks for free use your boys code i know honestly maybe that sounds like an ad uh i guess technically it kind of is but to Be honest i really use the app that i don’t have to i can say whatever i want that’s part of the deal and uh i use it i make money with it helps me make more money with my cryptocurrency so i enjoy it that’s what we extend our annual partnership with them from one year to two years and that’s one thing i want to talk about so the beginner mistakes it’s the days are gone where we can’t trust major cryptocurrency exchanges

Right i’m not saying put your life savings in there but you know you buy a 1 000 miner and you mine one thousand dose into it or you know dollars worth if they get hacked and exit scam you you can recover most likely i’m not trying to assume or offend anyone or whatever else and i’m not trying to say that wouldn’t be awful devastating everything like that but if that is the opportunity that makes

Your coins accessible and then you’re able to sell a huge pump and realize big gains and otherwise you have to spin up a wallet and sink a note and then once that happens you can send the transaction but oh wait volume is too crazy and they stopped it accepting or processing new deposits and you’d just be really surprised all the things that that can go wrong you can even have your coins in there and these exchanges will let you down when you need them the Most so that’s just a big mistake i see by a lot of people trading a level of security for more potential gains you know basically everything’s a risk versus reward scenario here the other thing is downtime right so some of the mini doge miners for example the earlier firmware or really was a couple firmware batches that they just didn’t do so well people who pay attention and watched our video on how to set up a asic miner and then know the basics or you can

Always just ask how to update firmware which we’ve gone over it’s very easy basically download access miner upload done you do that now you have stability return to your miner which means that you’re literally going to earn more coins and thus earn more money with it because you’re not getting random downtime where you have to go and unplug it and plug it back in that’s a very simple beginner mistake lazy mistake

Just just be on top of it address a problem as it arises and keep pushing forward one of the other big mistakes i see is relying on others right you want to say oh put it at my buddy’s house but then you know he has to monitor it or whatever else figure out how you can deploy your own gear yourself by yourself only link up with other people that you fully trust that will be working as hard as you are i’ve watched so much downtime over the years and been

Make Money with Doge!

A unfortunate um you know receiver of some of this downtime trying to work with other people basically just you put thousands of dollars in and they don’t they don’t really care and if thousands of dollars is a lot to you and it’s not a lot to them or they just don’t really value money and try to change their life make gains and stuff they still may not care don’t assume other people care just because you do get out there make the plays yourself And you’re much less likely to be disappointed hey guys it’s miss fosk and i’m here to talk to you about wolverine u wolverineu is a cryptocurrency token listed on the ethereum blockchain their website says within their first two weeks of launching they were listed on coinmarketcap coin gecko shiba swap and fegex they reached 21 million dollars in market cap within nine days and now have seventeen thousand holders the token has

One percent reflections which means one percent of each transaction is distributed back to their holders they also have nfts and a play to earn game in their future much of the team is anonymous and it says they have an audit and process with surtek check out the link in the video description below to learn more about wolverineu another common mistake i see is analysis paralysis sitting there the miners just came and stuck oh do i want one i don’t

Know uh uh gold shell miner does not work with distributors they’re only sold on their official website which we’ll link directly to there’s a lot of scammer and personal sites you better watch out for those and that’s why we use our link and technically it’s a referral link but they don’t really pay us referrals anymore our only referral cut is on our own boss coin branded miners but my point is i have that boss coin short link to make sure that you

End up in the right spot it’s not just about tagging a affiliate code to it but scam stuff aside one of the big issues is either sitting there knowing you kind of want want it but you’re sitting there you see it in stock like i don’t i don’t know and then boom it sells out because someone else is more decisive than you or not doing the research or just being lazy not prepared not having say


Cryptocurrency to check out with this miner and then it comes up for for sale and you don’t have your money into crypto like especially if you have the money but you didn’t convert it to usdc coinbase will do that for free for you free to transfer your money into coinbase free to convert usd to usdc and you can check out on these miners with usdc a us dollar pegged stablecoin you don’t do that prep you’re gonna lose to the person that did but let’s address

Mining Stackable Frame For Motherboard Mining GPU Cryptocurrency NEWThe other elephant in the room we’ve talked about them before but let’s look at the numbers the bit main antminer l7 an absolute behemoth right i just said i might at 1.3 gigahash a second this thing is like eight times seven times as powerful as my seven mini doge miners i have synced up on that f2 pool uh litecoin dogecoin merge mining account that’s a quick note most mining pools still process merge mining so i’m mining litecoin and dogecoin at the same time i Don’t sweat it i like that i referenced earlier that i mined my dogecoin right into the and that’s true and then i mined my litecoin right into blockfly and i instantly start earning interest on that and yeah we have a code with them up to 250 bucks free if you use your boys code blo bosscoin or just our short link uh but again i’m not trying to like you know shameless plug it all the time but that’s how that’s how i increase my My literal gains and percentages like if you do that and it’s sitting idle in a wallet and i’m earning interest i’m making more money than you were doing the exact same thing and that really starts to compound now i have more coins and then those coins and even more and it’s just you know the the winning keep winning and they win more but let’s look at the big boy get back to the focus the ant minor l7 depending on the date you looked at this could have been making

Two 300 a day something crazy originally listed for i believe it was about nine thousand dollars and it was several months out some people bought it i personally recommend it against it things have held up better with dogecoin and litecoin than i had anticipated but the profitability is still down significantly and resellers scalpers are selling these for twenty thousand thirty thousand dollars but they are one dogecoin pump away from being some of

The most profitable machines in the world ever they will negatively impact the mining profitability for all hardware on the dogecoin and litecoin mining ecosystems or you know the networks right but bitmain won’t be able to make as many of these as they want to everyone is dealing with chip shortages gold shell is making as many miners as they can and they are still selling out constantly which should help you understand that no one can make as much

As they want but let’s take the current numbers and let’s say somehow you can still get one at 13 grand and let’s round up and say you make 80 bucks a day and over the next year you would potentially double triple your money depending how things go it’s really a no-brainer that’s why these things normally get priced out by resellers to break even in about a year depending how it goes and you’re taking a big risk here a thirty thousand dollar Device i mean that’s a that’s a big chunk of change that’s a lot of money and some resellers are not scammers now but we’ll scam later or you find a fake site there’s just i know i keep bringing up scams but i watch people get scammed out of ten thousand dollars or more per day all the time it’s devastating i don’t want you to lose money and have an awful experience and that’s why we’re

Thankful to have compass here as a big sponsor and support of the channel because they’re a trustworthy source to get mining rigs they only offer co-location services basically helping you deploy bitcoin miners or they also offer direct ship to homes down here which is really cool so you can buy bitcoin miners they’ll send it right to you and they give you accurate time frames here and so forth but

Basically they’re just a good reliable source and we really need a lot more of those depending on the hardware you should always be monitoring the actual manufacturers so like look at this more ant miner l7s will be coming back in stock to order for delivery next month that is interesting hey guys it’s miss fosk and i’m here to talk to you about our video sponsor krita krita is a technology that connects your virtual

Cryptocurrency wallets and transaction history to produce a crypto credit score so experienced crypto users and traders can turn all their time spent learning crypto studying charts trading all coins and cashing out their gains into a credit score i really like their slogan and i feel like it kind of ties together the whole aspect of the project it’s giving credit where credit is due so how does it work first users connect

Their crypto wallets to the platform then they claim creda tokens which are initially locked into a vault until liquidity is provided into one of their liquidity pools on sushi swap or uniswap users can then mint a credit nft or cnft the higher level cnft you have the more credit privileges you’re allowed and finally users can reap the rewards of their creda score on creda and other partner platforms some of these include low collateral or even collateral free Loans credit scores are calculated across multiple chains the technology is built on ethereum layer 2 technology and uses the did protocol it uses ai to examine users historical transactions and behaviors in the crypto space across multiple blockchains the data is then used to calculate and create your nft and this acts as your passport across web3

Mining DogeCoin – Make Money with Doge!

Once users create a profile and calculate their scores they will also have access to their vault bank and other features within the platform please keep in mind at the time of shooting this video krita is still in their beta phase so make sure to use the platform at your own risk this technology is an interesting and new concept and could potentially expand and change the cryptocurrency world so those who don’t have access to financial

Services can participate creta is also working on unifying the traditional and decentralized financial networks by creating a possibility for crypto credit scores and traditional credit scores to influence one another check out the link in the video description below to learn more about krita and their crypto credits for app this is not financial advice please do your own research before investing or using any platform

So time will really tell how these new miners impact dogecoin mining profitability right and basically the better litecoin does in price and the better dogecoin does in price the more dollars you’ll be making every day the more mining hardware that comes onto the network every day will reduce the amount of light coins and doge coins that you are mining but that basically creates long-term investors in the project you have this miner that only mines

Script mining algorithm that means you are locked into the ecosystem right and and people spending millions of dollars to build out a dogecoin mining farm it’s happening okay and they will have to be long-term bullish on doge or they could just be a style farm it just ends the dump all the time they’re going to have a good time either way but it’s people that mine a ton only sell to pay their electric bills and then huddle the rest and then wait for the mega pump and then

Cash or don’t i mean if you want to keep dogecoin forever and be the king of hodling mr diamond hands do it that’s great but for me personally dogecoin is a meme coin it has no use case other than just being fun and engaging right so that is the picture perfect coin to dump on the pumps and why not mine through any market and then take profits when a mega pumps historically year over year on average it keeps becoming more Valuable and hitting higher all-time highs obviously this is not financial advice nothing is guaranteed but i guess to sum it up long term i am bullish on dogecoin mining and litecoin mining in the short term i’m not sure we’re in a very peculiar crypto market right now medium term i’m kind of feeling similar i think we need some really red days to kind of just shake it out you know we reset the cycle a bull run cannot last forever and Neither can a bear market so basically if you just never get overextended and you have a long term plan and focus of fortitude you’re gonna do well the only way to do better is to subscribe to your boys channel subscribe to the boss coin channel please we are chasing a million subscribers that’s still so crazy we’re more than half of the way there i’m running out of air but yeah leave a comment let me know your thoughts i hope you enjoyed the

Video let me know anything i missed or didn’t touch on if you’re looking for some more basic style videos make sure to check out our mining electricity guide basically how to set up a mini mining farm in your house i try to cover all the basics and great detail if you don’t know how to set up an asic miner we have a back to basics video on that as well so between those two videos you would learn everything you need to do to set up your own mining farm including The infrastructure make sure that you have the electric in place and you’re safe you don’t burn your house down nothing weird and risky no no inverters and stuff like that and you understand how to set up your miners it’s a little intimidating at first but it’s actually incredibly easy and once you do one it’ll be a breeze to do any other ones in the future so um just to round out with one more