Laughing Shark # 1085 Tiny Edition,  Most fine 1,111 accessible! RARE!

Laughing Shark # 1085 Tiny Edition, Most fine 1,111 accessible! RARE!

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Price: 5,000.00 USD


Laughing Shark # 1085 Tiny Edition, Most fine 1,111 accessible! RARE!


Transform yourself into the finest Shark—originate acting and pondering love a billionaire.

The arrival biotechnology and nanotechnology revolution will bring extra special modifications to mankind.  

Jeff Bezos, Larry Ellison, and teams of scientists are working on nanomedical devices and procedures that would possibly repair the human physique at a cellular stage.  By 2045 Nanotechnology will repair the human physique at a cellular stage, reversing organic growing older.

For over 450 million years, there has been one creature within the realm Earth that has survived and tailored to substitute and lives amongst us this day, the Shark.  A rogue comet would possibly possibly per chance maintain killed every last dinosaur on Earth, but the Shark survived.  For the reason that origin of time, the Shark has been the perfect predator; self-sufficient, repeatedly adapting, and repeatedly on the hunt…a survivor!!  

Your NFT will act as a key to enter The Shark Membership.

Since you are responsive to nano-cellular regeneration and the arrival “Singularity,” you would possibly be spirited to steal abet of the entirety this agreeable expertise of science offers.  Whilst you’re beneath 65 and in valid smartly being, there is every motive to relate that immortality will even be yours in two fast decades!  

The #1 NFT is limited to 1,111 examples. It’s far a digital select.  Delivered to your MetaMask Digital Pockets upon price.  Technical abet accessible.



Council For Team spirit’s mission is to empower americans and groups with the abilities important to promote unity, security and fulfillment in faculty communities, legislation enforcement agencies and correctional companies and products. Since 1975, Council for Team spirit has been instructing leadership, self-expression, mediation, battle dedication and advocacy. They’re efficiently ending gang violence and bullyism one faculty at a time.

By working and mentoring youths in metropolis environments, they efficiently flip hate into love.  Council For Team spirit has been praised and permitted by Magic Johnson, 

Randi Weingarten  President of the American Federation of Teachers,  and Brian Fisher ancient  Commissioner of Corrections NYC as smartly as governors, mayors, and this nation’s top CEOs.

Council For Team spirit is also a  recipient of the FBI’s Community Service Award!

Since 1975 Council For Team spirit has eradicated violence in public faculties systems by 80%.  

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