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Immersion oil cooling Tank for Bitmain Antminer S19 S19PRO S19J S17 T17 T17+ A11

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Price: 350.00 USD

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Immersion oil cooling Tank for Bitmain Antminer S19 S19PRO S19J S17 T17 T17+ A11


Please feel free to attain out with any questions. I could per chance per chance maybe presumably take care of to search a bitcoin miner in every other folks home and I factual want to manufacture my little share in helping manufacture that happen. I will likely be touring this month so I could per chance per chance maybe moreover honest no longer be in a position to gain to novel builds unless closer to the stop of the month nonetheless if you might per chance per chance maybe maybe put shut to present an clarification for added items or personalized tanks manufacture no longer hesitate to message me. I did my easiest to acknowledge to a pair traditional questions that advance up and can honest add to the outline as I gain extra questions that others might per chance per chance maybe moreover put shut pleasure in the procedure to. I purchased a cnc specifically for this challenge and I could per chance per chance maybe moreover also share the gcode if somebody desires to place shut a crack at constructing a tank. I’m also tickled to honest bag btc for tanks purchases so factual let me know your preferences. Suggestions is also consistently welcome! I wish you all nothing nonetheless the absolute best on your mining lunge and I’m here to support as great as I can by classes I’ve leaned on on mine.

Enviornment cloth

These immersion cooling tanks are constructed out of 1/4″ polycarbonate. We chose to switch with polycarbonate thanks to it be skill to face as a lot as high quantities of heat, it be compatibility with bitcool and other dielectric immersion oil as neatly as beautiful attraction and durability. Now we get tested it chip temps rangig from 39C-90C+ (activating thermal shutdown) and get no longer had any concern. Polycarbonate will radiate rather of that warmth nonetheless no longer with regards to as great as steel or other metals now we get worked with so it helps insulate the warmth from the room as neatly because the machine from the novel oil in the warmth warmth chamber. 

Single loop
We manufacture no longer get any single loop cooling choices setup nonetheless if you might per chance per chance maybe maybe moreover very neatly be planning on conserving the miner is shut to cooling mechanism (radiator, drycooler, warmth-exchanger, etc) then it does help slash abet complexity and that you just’ll likely be in a position to guage of factors so it will also be somewhat situational.
Dual loop
Now we get a twin loop system because we wished to get rather extra commute given the distance from the radiators to the machines. To pump the dielectric oil that great farther we would get wished to oversize our pumps which would also add to the skill plan given the lowered float fee relative to water/antifreeze. As a consequence of this truth we made up our minds to employ brazed plate warmth exchangers with two loops the build the warmth from the miners transfers to the oil which is pumped into the warmth exchanger getting handed to frigid antifreeze that heats up after passing the the brazed plate and pumped into radiators for cooling.

All walls are chemically bonded the employ of weldon-3. The holes are precut to 3/4″ (un-threaded).
Chilly Plate
Tanks consist of a removable frigid plate for easy accessibility to earn the incoming oil line as neatly as cleansing. 
Whatsminer/other miners

We currently get 5 tanks deployed. They’ve been cooling our s19’s for a microscopic over 10months with out concern. Now we get no longer tested these tanks with other miners so please review the size if you might per chance per chance maybe maybe moreover very neatly be planning to select a tanks for one more machine that will moreover honest no longer match the tank.

We put shut away all cooling fans
Energy present
We suggest either getting rid of the fans from the skill present’s or inserting the machine to compare the route of oil float to the route of the psu fans. 
Will get to I put shut away the PSU fans
The dielectric oil gentle can like away on the fan lubrication so if you were to resell or air cold the machines after extracting it from an immersion setup preserve that in suggestions as you might per chance per chance maybe maybe likely want to re-lubricate the fans or replace them. Conserving them and inserting the machine in the tank with the fan route a form of from the oil float route will trigger backflow of hot oil which is in a position to finally slash abet the effectivity of the final cooling skill.  
PSU outdoors of the tank
Now we get also gone as far as inserting the psu outdoors of the oil by attaching the skill bars the employ of thick 1/0 gauge cables. This worked immense nonetheless there can soundless be some residual noise and very little quantities of heat generated by the psu. To boot they gain dust and in case your in a damp atmosphere lack of moisture filtration can stop up cutting back the lifespan of the psu’s. 
Varied probabilities consist of swapping out the novel energy present with a psu that’s immersion ready and presumably rated for added energy plan if the plan is overclocking. Please be distinct that your circuits are neatly fitted to additonal energy plan and your cooling solution is geared so as to handle the extra warmth that will likely be generated.
We put shut to employ braiins and I be distinct that to load it sooner than deploying the machine in oil. Reckoning on the setup gain entry to to your preserve watch over board will likely be delicate.

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