i’m gonna be showing you guys how to mine xrp on your mining rigs let’s get into that all right guys so here’s the rig i’ve got a 1070 ti mining on eath hash basically that eath hash is being converted into shiba inacoin but today i’m going to be showing you guys how to actually mine xrp but anyways guys we did fix the cpu fan i actually got a new one in there and i Ended up getting a splitter so i ended up fixing it and yeah let’s hop on my computer and i’ll show you guys how to set up xrp mining.

The description below it’s at the airdrop plug it’s me making content about airdrops that are currently happening basically just free money and i just want to let you guys know that if you guys want to go down there and check it out i’d seriously appreciate it all right guys so today we’re going to be learning how to mine xrp and we’re going to be doing it through it’s basically an auto exchange pool

What it does is it uses your hash rate on whatever algorithm you are comfortable using and it converts it automatically into the coin of your choice some of these coins have higher payouts than others some of them have lower payouts than others it all depends on the coin ebay you know coins they get paid out at two million which is basically around um almost an entire month worth of mining and then some of them actually have uh and support for

About 20 coins and wallets so those get paid out a lot faster because their uh transaction fees are a lot lower um so today we’re looking at xrp and yeah xp is one of the coins that is actually really really cool especially because it’s really hot in the market right now and also it is under scrutiny but i think that if they do well in the actual lawsuits of versus like the sec uh xrp could be worth a lot of money um so if you guys want to get in on that

Beforehand uh obviously this is not financial advice but hey minimum payouts are 10xrp all right guys so we’re on basically what’s mine is a website that calculates your hash rate and it tells you what you should be mining basically uh it tells you you know the most profitable things to mine if you guys want to mine those specific coins most of them are ethereum or like ravencoin but if you guys want to be mining like xrp and stuff we want to


Figure out what our actual hash rate is so for a 1060 and feel free to pick whatever one you want for a 1060 it’s 22.5 mega hashes so we go over here back to unminable and go to this profitability calculator for eth hash right and then we’re looking at on a 1060 we’re looking at 1.39 xrp a day or 41.86 xrp a month which is pretty good

In my opinion that’s like 40 bucks a month uh depending on how much electricity you have you know it you’d probably be making some profit off of a little 1060 rig uh the other thing is that all these coins fluctuate so you know if you mine a smaller coin and it does really well one month instead of mining just getting 51 dollars worth of xrp you might be mining i don’t know 500 worth of xrp who knows that’s that’s the

Magic of mining cryptocurrency it always changes once you guys have figured out what you guys want to mine and what algorithm you want to mine with we’ll go over and we’ll actually set up our mining rigs so let’s hop over to hive os and i’ll explain to you guys how to set that up all right guys i’m assuming you guys have a hive os setup and a minor rig set up if you guys don’t be sure to check out the link in the description below

You guys will get ten dollars for signing up with my hiva west code which is red cloud you guys plug that in when you guys sign up you guys will get 10 bucks and you guys will get to mine on iva west for about three months so just want to let you guys know that if you guys want to help me out i’d seriously appreciate it anyway so what you guys want to do go to your farm here’s my farm the tow farm you already know uh actually i don’t know who made that name

All right guys now that we’re in our wallets what we’re gonna do is we’re actually going to create a new wallet so we’re going to go to add wallet and what you guys will want to do if you guys don’t have a wallet let’s say you don’t have exodus or you don’t have trust wallet or any type of other wallet let’s say an exchange even uh you guys will want to sign up for those if you guys need to go check all that stuff out be sure to check the description below i’ll

Give you guys links to exodus trust wallet and also maybe to some exchanges anyway so for our coin what we’re going to do is we’re actually going to hit and type xrp the actual xrp the ripple logo will actually show up and then i already have my wallet copy pasted so i’m going to copy paste it here and then for the wallet i’m just going to type xrp and then we can just ignore everything else hit create and effectively we’ve

Got our address right here and then xrp ready to go so let’s hop over into flight sheets and then we can start mining alright guys so now that we’re in flight sheets what we’ll do is we’ll go over to our type in coin xrp we’ll type that in here select wallet we already have our wallet that we set up earlier for our pool we’re going to configure in miner and then for select miner we’re actually going to be running this on t-rex miner i think

T-rex is one of the best miners the other really good one is phoenix miner phoenix miner is a little bit more complicated because it’s uh more about string inputs and it gets a little confusing uh so we’re gonna go to setup minor config all right guys so now that we’re in the minor config what we’ll do is we’ll pick the algorithm that we want to mine with so for me i’m using eth hash so if you guys have a three gigabyte card i would

Suggest etc hash you guys have a newer generation card maybe kapow and then also if you guys have a cpu you would want to be using random x um the other thing that we’re going to be doing is in the description of this video there is and in the pin comment of the video there is a string of text that you guys can just copy paste into your wallet template it’s right here so what it is it’s explaining the coin that we’re mining

Our wallet that we inputted earlier it’s auto putting that into here then you’re adding your name you can replace this what with whatever you want so you can name that whatever you want and then hashtag this string of text what that string of text is it is a referral code so that referral code is actually saving you 0.25 of the mining pool fee and then i’m actually getting it and i’m getting it and supporting you guys with

It so i’d seriously appreciate it if you guys would use that string of text in there it seriously helps me out on my boat charges one percent for its entire fee so that’s why i wanted to give you guys that code so you guys can actually save on your coins next what you want to do is you’re actually going to go to worker name hit this and then it’ll auto import that for the pool url we’re actually going to go back here click this and then it’ll auto

Copy that hit that and if you guys want to use alternative ports on this you can use 1333 instead of just 333 i think that’s enough threes i don’t know anyway and then for your pass you can uh change that to x and yeah you’re basically good to go basically from this point you’re all done hit apply changes go down to the name name it whatever you want i just named mine xrp hit update and then it’ll create the flight sheet and now i’ll show you guys how to

Actually launch the flight sheet onto your miner we’re going to go back to our workers and then we’re going to go down to our actual worker for me i only have one minor and it’s doing a fantastic job aren’t you bessie i love you anyway but seriously though click that uh the little ticker so you guys you know are aware of what you’re doing then we’re gonna go down to this little rocket select flight sheet then we’re

Going to go down to xrp the flight sheet we just made hit apply and then bam that’s basically it it’ll restart and then it’ll start mining with um whatever miner that you set up likes for me i use t-rex it works flawlessly and it does a really fantastic job all right guys so i put my minor work here and we are chilling look at this so even me i can actually use my own referral code and i will actually get a reduction in

My fees so just just like i said man use that referral code you guys will save on your mining fee and 0.75 percent is super low especially for a mining pool anyway so we can check here that i’m actually already mining i’ve already made 0.00837 xrp in like two minutes uh and then we can see that you know we’re mining at 32 mega hash then the calculated mega hash is only at 15 simply because it just

Started mining so it hasn’t had time to really like you know get to work all right guys so if you guys enjoyed today’s video be sure to subscribe also check out the other videos that i’ve made they’re very informative and also help you guys make a lot more passive income i hope you guys have a wonderful rest of your day if you guys want to check out that airdrop plug channel that i just made be sure to check it out it’ll basically guarantee you guys some

Free entries into winning free crypto nfts and a whole bunch of cool stuff anyways guys catch you guys later hope you guys have a wonderful rush your day peace