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Hitchhiker 2.6 bitcoin mining Asic lot of 5 new Nano Fury Block Lottery xxxxx

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Price: 3,750.00 USD

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Hitchhiker 2.6 bitcoin mining Asic lot of 5 new Nano Fury Block Lottery xxxxx



 NANOFURY COLLECTABLE RARE NEW NF1 Hitchhiker Nano Fury Miner usb 
Asic mining and more 2.6GH/S

*No one has these new
Very rare 100% working
5x Lot of 5 
expedited insured shipping 
new lottery solo mining usb miners☆ 
 HITCHHIKER CRYPTORIG NEW ASIC MINER NANO FURY RUN NANO FURY IN SOLO MINING MODE TO FIND 6.25BTC BLOCK BITCOIN LOTTERY 6.25BITCOIN X $57K = $XXX,XXX OR HODL YOUR 6.25BTC” ☆ BITFURY HITCHHIKER USB ASIC MINER UP TO 2.6GH/S NANOFURY BITCOIN MINING NEWNanoFury v0.7 Dec. 24th 2013 Updates to schematic Core voltage bumped up from 0.83V to 0.85VPCB reworkAdd footprints to MCP2210-I/SO & MCP2210-I/SS(SO EITHER PF THE TWO CAN BE USED)Move around bulky capacitors so they don’t interfere isa some wants to add an extra heatsink to the bitfury chipOther minor component upgradesBrand New USB Mining Sticks! 2.6GH/s!! CryptoRig HitchHiker Proven Nanofury design, with full support of Nanofury team. Limited Edition Bitfury ASIC (Same chip used in red fury, blue fury) Each one tested, guaranteed to work. Rated speed 2.2- 2.6Gh/s. +/- 10% Powered by the USB port without any other power source. Electricity consumption as low as 2.5 watts. Fully supported by bfgminer software, plug and play. Also supported in CGminer. As with all usb miners using a powered usb hub and fan is recommended. NF1 v0.7 *RARE  ****Only seller with New CRYPTORIG Hitchhiker Brand NewItem Specifications:Bitcoin Miners – BITFURY ASIC chip.Rated speed: 2.60 GHash/s +/-10% (standard speed).Up to 3.5 GHash/s or more with overclocking.Electricity consumption as low as: 2.5W / 500mA.LARGE aluminium heatsink which lowers the chip temperature up to 20º Celsius.Includes top quality microcontroller by Atmel.LED light turns red when mining/orange when in standby mode.Robust and high quality European technical design.It works by connecting it directly to your computer’s USB port.This latest generation device is 8 times faster than ASIC Miner USB Block Erupters, meaning that you mine at a higher speed per USB port plus save a lot on power consumption per GHash.Additionally its large heatsink prevents the devices to reach excessive temperatures, a common problem for other devices.It uses a single slot in any USB port or USB hub.The Red Fury is one of the most advanced USB SHA-256 miners.Compatible with free standard mining software including Bfgminer and Cgminer among several others.The HITCHHIKER device is an easy way to get started in the Bitcoin virtual currency without a big investment!It is also perfect for mining alternative cryptocurrencies that use the SHA-256 mining algorithm such as: Namecoin, Peercoin, Devcoin, Freicoin, Terracoin, Bytecoin, Ixcoin, 10coin, Joulecoin, Zetacoin, AsicCoin, Deutsche eMark, Platinum Coin, Blakecoin and many, many more. Alternative cryptocurrencies have a much lower difficulty compared to Bitcoin(6.25 BTC LOTTERY REWARD FOR MINING A NEW BLOCK!).Get your BitFury CRYPTORIG Hicthhiker unit and start mining some cryptocurrency coins today!Shipping & Handling:Insured USPS Domestic / International Fed ExBuyer responsible for duties/declaration per countryDisclaimer:You must learn to mine bitcoins on your own.I am supplying you with miner. You must obtain knowledge and use correctly!* Setup: Download bfgminer: https:///index.php?topic=168174.0 If you don’t already have a pool account then create one: http://mining.bitcoin.cz/ Sample command line: bfgminer.exe -o stratum+tcp://stratum.bitcoin.cz:3333 -u workerusername -p workerpassword -S all –set-device NFY:osc6_bits=50 The last number can be used to over/underclock the miner. 50 is stock, 52-54 usually works. If you want to overclock you must use a powered usb hub and fan! ***Overclock at your own risk!!!Other miner Macminer available onlinerelated words: antminer s9, antminer s19, antminer s19 pro, antminer s17, antminer s9 profitability, antminer l3+, antminer z15, antminer e3, antminer a3, antminer apw3++, antminer asic, antminer a10, antminer amazon, antminer a9, antminer alternatives, antminer a3 what to mine, antminer a 3, whats a antminer, building a antminer, what is a antminer s9, how does a antminer work, antminer a vendre, antminer a 10, antminer a quoi ca sert, antminer bitmain, antminer b7, antminer b3, antminer bitcoin per day, antminer bitmain s-19, antminer b3 profitability, antminer bitmain d3, antminer board, antminer calculator, antminer comparison, antminer control board, antminer cost, antminer configuration, antminer company, antminer chip, antminer c1, antminer c’est quoi, antminer d3, antminer d3 profitability, antminer default login, antminer d3 profitability 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On Oct-19-21 at 17:40:43 PDT, seller added the following information:

bitcoin is at 64k as Oct 19 2021

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