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Helium Hotspot Miner 5.8 dBi Indoor Antenna & Magnet Base for RAK Nebra Bobcat

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Helium Hotspot Miner 5.8 dBi Indoor Antenna & Magnet Base for RAK Nebra Bobcat


Beware of gain inflation- many sellers arbitrarily inflate antenna gain number to appear better than competing products. Because gain cannot be easily measured by the end users, we have seen similar antennas marketed as numbers like 18 dbi to 30 dbi that are not even 20 inches tall. Rokland has been making antennas for over 14 years for WiFi, 4G, and other applications. Our 915 MHz antenna are listed with actual specifications. You also do not want extremely high gain as your path will be very narrow and miss other hotspots.

This is an indoor omni-directional antenna with 5.8 dBi gain. Also included is a heavy duty magnetic base that measures 2.5 inches in diameter and weighs 11 ounces
Compatible with RAK 2, Nebra Indoor, and Bobcat 300 (915 MHz USA and Australia versions only). This is a Rokland 915 MHz antenna kit.
You can use the included magnet base with the factory antenna of any of these miners, or with the included 5.8 dbi antenna. As gain increases, your vertical path will decrease, allowing you to communicate with hotspots from a greater distance but reducing your ability to be in the path of closer hotspots. As your community experiences new miners over time, it may be necessary to adjust what antenna you are using to deal with the density.

We recommend using with the included magnet base for maximum performance.

  • Frequency range: 900-930 MHz
  • Gain: 6 dBi
  • VSWR<2.5:1
  • Polarization:Vertical; Directivity:Omni-Directional; Material:ABS,Copper
  • Antenna connector: RP-SMA male; Impedance:50 ohm
  • Antenna height:16 inches
  • Base diameter 2.5 inches
  • Base cable length: 11-foot CFD-200 shielded low loss cable

Low loss shielded cable

Our cable includes 11 feet of CFD-200 shielded coax cable built-in, with RP-SMA termination (to connect to your miner). CFD-200 has a gain loss of just 1.1 dB at 11 feet. Lower cost bases generally use RG58 cable which has a loss of 1.7 dB, over 50% more loss. 

Recommended Use

Use with your Nebra, Bobcat, or RAK miner to help increase your coverage area. This is an indoor antenna and not rated for outdoor use. Check for Rokland brand outdoor mining antennas online. We recommend placing this inside near a window, or in a more optimal place for sending and receiving than where your miner currently is.

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