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Full Crypto Mining Rig (124MH/s) 2x GPUs 3070, ETH

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Price: 4,795.99 USD

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Full Crypto Mining Rig (124MH/s) 2x GPUs 3070, ETH

Selling my used crypto mining rig, been running for about 7 months and produces about 124.5 MH/s at about 240watts.

here is the list of everything included in this kit. 

2x V1 RTX 3070 GPUs (EVGA & Gigabyte)

3x PCI-E Risers (the good ones)

1x HX1200w Platinum Corsair PSU

1x ASUS Prime Z390-P (4x pcie slots)

1x Intel Celeron G4900T

1x 100gb SSD

1x 8gb RAM DDR4

1x Open Mining Case (can hold 6 GPUs)

Message me for any questions, the rig is currently running until it sells.

Offers are considered. Paypal Only. Signature required for shipping.

NOTE: this kit does not come fully assembled. you must do it yourself. All parts will be cleaned properly prior to shipping.

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