Ethereum ETH Cold Secure Wallet Card Gold

Ethereum ETH Cold Secure Wallet Card Gold

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Price: 3.00 USD

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Ethereum ETH Cold Secure Wallet Card Gold

Ethereum ETH Cold Secure Storage Wallet Card Gold

We are proud to be an authorized reseller of NewEra Cryptocurrency Wallet cards.

The safest and most dependable storage solution to date!

Perfect for new enthusiasts as well as crypto professionals.

Many NewEra resellers offer promotions to build a loyal consumer base, so we will too!

Besides a discounted price  (Normally $14.99) for a short time only, we will also offer the following



We will match your first deposit to your ETH Wallet card.

1. Leave us an honest feedback review

2. Message us to notify us of the review

3. Deposit any amount of BTC (up to $8000 worth) to your new card, store it for a minimum of 2 days and provide us with the public transaction ID

4. Provide us your public wallet address where you would like the Bitcoin sent to and we will match your deposit within hours!!

Once $8000 in deposits is matched, the promotion will be ended.

Currently $8000 left to match



Safe and Discreet Manufacturing Process 

Public-Key on Front / Private-Key on the Back with Tamper Proof Scratch off Seal coating

(Applied during an automated key generation/printing process) Your keys are never seen stored or revealed by anyone but yourself once you scratch off the protective coating.



What is a wallet card?

Simply put, it is a secure offline solution for storing your cryptocurrency. Immune to online attacks and hacking.  Accessible by you and only you, whenever you need it.


How To Use

Just send your ETH to the public address printed on the card and store it until ready to use. The private key (hidden under the scratch coating) on the back will be needed in order to spend or move funds.


Can Funds be restored if the card is lost

 We are unable to help with any recovery of funds as we do not store or even have access to any of your private keys

 Note– these cards do not come pre-loaded with any funds. They have never been used before.

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