Dogecoin Miner Pro-C

Dogecoin Miner Pro-C

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Price: 350.00 USD

Crypto Miner:

Dogecoin Miner Pro-C


What you gain is a Dogecoin Miner Pro-C

Directions on how one can use the miner shall be included

I will be capable to’t yell a hashrate as I will must benchmark it running Scrypt, however I will update this itemizing as quickly as I know

Each one amongst my products comes with 30 day technical toughen from me

This product is made to reveal which implies it will preserve in to a month to ship, this is as a result of wanting ingredients to be shipped, however I will always strive to to find it out ASAP

Furthermore miner is wifi and Bluetooth enabled

If you desire you can’t assassinate as I straight present the ingredients whenever I uncover a desire present. However, after you gain the miner, it’s also possible to return it for a refund

Please demonstrate that the miner you gain would possibly perhaps perhaps perhaps perhaps also leer diverse than the image, however it absolutely functions the same and has the same inner ingredients

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