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Cryptocurrency Hardware Cold Crypto Wallet NFC Contactless & Contact Smartcard

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Cryptocurrency Hardware Cold Crypto Wallet NFC Contactless & Contact Smartcard

Cryptocurrency Wallet / Crypto Cold Wallet

A cryptocurrency wallet is a secure digital wallet used to store, send, and receive digital currency like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, etc or any Token.

In order to use cryptocurrency or store Crypto Tokens, you’ll need to use a cryptocurrency wallet.

Hardware COLD Wallet

Dedicated hardware that is specifically built to hold cryptocurrency and keep it secure built into a Bank.Smartcard. These devices can go online to make transactions and get data and then can be taken offline for transportation and security.

This Smartcard Hardware Wallet, can contain 16 Wallets (Private+Public Keys). The smartcards comes with no keys for best security and when you will receive it, you will request it to generate the private/public Key(s).

The Secure Algo of the Wallet is the SECP256k1 + SHA3-256 (KECCAK)

– Technology 

Secure Cryptoprocessor Hardware 

The Secure Algos supported are SECP256k1 + SHA3-256 (KECCAK) 

Half a Mb of Memory in the smartcard 

Smartcard ISO format 

Contact (PC/SC) AND Contactless technology (NFC Reader) or NFC in your Mobile Phone / Smartphone

NO battery is required 

– Features 

PIN/PUK Features to prevent loss or misuse

(Once received you need to email us and we will provide you with your unique PIN/PUK for your card. You can then modify your PIN Code for best security). 

If you fail to enter the PIN code, you can always recover the card with the PUK like with your mobile. 

16 Wallets available (every Wallet can be used for multiple cryptos). 

Each of the 16 Wallets can be created and deleted, each position can be then reused after deletion. 

If you dont use a Wallet and want to reuse the slot you can delete it and create a new one. 

You create your own Wallet, so only you and the smartcard know the Private keys. 

The Private Key is sealed securely in the smartcard once generated. You can export/unseal/backup it. 

You can transfer your Private key into the smartcard if you want to transfer it from another device (PC Software, USB Ledger, Web Wallet Platform, etc). 

The Smartcard is a ISO card, you can store it in your physical wallet like any other Card (TV/ID/Bank/Credit). 

You can access the Cold Wallet with a Contact or a NFC Contactless card reader (eg. Smartphone). 

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