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Crypto Starter Mining Rig, SANLOR EZ MINER for 6 GPUs w/ 2-850w PSUs –

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Price: 1,550.00 USD

Bitcoin Miner:

Crypto Starter Mining Rig, SANLOR EZ MINER for 6 GPUs w/ 2-850w PSUs –

Now available to the Public – SANLOR Technology’s

 Crypto Starter Kit, SANLOR EZ MINER for 6 GPUs

Brand new Fully assembled Custom Built Crypto Mining Rig from one of the Top and Most Profitable Private Mining Rig Builders / Mining Farms in the US. 

This Is for a Actual BRAND NEW Mining Rig Equipped for 6 GPUs (GPUs Not Included) – Contact us if you want one with GPUs


These rigs can mine pretty much any Cryptocurrency you want. Most other miners you can only mine one or two types, which does not make any sense to us at all. We personally Mine BTC, ETH, DOG, RVN, and many others with these rigs. Your GPUs you install will all be up to you, but we recommend AMD RX 6600 XT or Lower for AMD Cards and NVIDIA RTX 3060 FHR or lower for NVIDIA with this rig.

These are not an Asian or Russian rip offs that you are seeing out there on other sites that compete with eBay. eBay keeps us honest with these items since they cost so much. We are a full licensed and registered, US Veteran Owned and Veteran Employed Business located in Hot Springs, Arkansas.

They have (2) standard 110v power plugs so you can plug it into any standard plug (We do not recommend putting more than one rig on the same plug or power strip), so no need for heavy 220v electrical outlets like some of the others, and these cost pennies on the dollar to run for electricity.


Mining & Applications Software

  • NHOS – Nicehash Operating System (available Upon Request)
  • SMOS – SimpleMining Operating System- (Comes Installed)
  • Any Mining Software you want
  • Any Windows base or Linix Base mining software can be used

Operating System

  • Windows 10 Pro 64 bit operating system pre-installed 
    • Windows will be prepped for your mining software
    • buyers responsibility for all settings for the mining software they use


  • Intel Processor 
  • Intel Stock Cooling Fan

Power Supply

  • 2x 850w PSUs
  • 110 Volt Compatible
  • High Power-Conversion Efficiency
  • Silent and High-performance Fans on each PSU
  • 6x 8-Pin PCI Power Cable Connections for GPUs with GPU Power Risers


  • 6x Graphics Card Capable
  • ATX Form Factor 
  • Integrated Audio Ports, Video, and Gigabit LAN
  • Quad-Channel DDR4 Memory Capable
  • Temperature sensing and Voltage Monitoring

Graphics Cards

  • No Graphics Cards are included in this Starter Rig, so you can add your own.
  • Contact us If you want a rig with GPUs – www.sanlortech.com
  • Six (6) Premium PCIe Risers are included. One riser will be needed per each GPU


  • 120GB Internal SSD


  • 8 GB DDR Ram (We have found that 8gb Ram is required for most newer GPUs)
  • Supports up to 32GB of Ram


  • Engineered and assembled by professionals in America
  • (5) Cooling fans 
  • Beautiful black anodized Aluminum
  • Optimized GPU spacing to keep the cards cool
  • Stack-able design, 640mm wide, 640mm tall, 380mm deep, (25″ wide x 15″ tall x 15″ deep)
  • Supports up to 2x Power Supplies
  • Supports up to 6x Graphic Cards

Extras that the competition forgot

  • Custom Mounting plates for Power supplies, and GPUs, Engineered to hold the rig together during shipping (No other supplier offers this)
  • Different color schemes available ( The patriot which comes with Red White and Blue Plates and hardware mounting, and the Black Knight which come with black and Gold)
  • Personalized customer service from SANLOR Technologies
  • 5x 120mm High Performance Cooling Fans w/ Grills
  • GPU mounting screws & Hardware
  • Brackets to stack multiple Rigs on-top of one another if you buy or have more than one.
  • Dual power supply cable to unify power supplies 
  • on/off switch 

All Photos are of previous Builds that we have sold or that we have in use in our massive mining farm here in Arkansas (Over 170 rigs as of 12/1/2021) .  Looking for a different mining rig?  Give us a call or shoot us an e-mail to discuss a new custom mining rig.  We also accept Crypto for Payments

 SHIPPING: Standard Ground Shipping UPS within the Continental United States with insurance and tracking provided once shipped- This is a Custom-Built Mining Rig, we do not have them ready built and on hand. We put them together as they are ordered. Handling time is a ballpark.  We normally have it shipped well before eBay’s shipping date depending on parts availability.

HANDLING: These rigs are built and shipped from the United States.

PAYMENTS: PayPal, also we do accept Crypto as well!!!, we have to, we are in the cryptocurrency business and with this so will you be.

RETURNS: Since this is for electronics, returns will be dealt with on a case by case basis. Most times we can replace components and get things going. You have to understand we have seen a lot of user errors that have caused issues and damage. It is why we dedicate ourselves to customer service and provide installation and set up instructions.

FEEDBACK: 5-Star feedback is our goal on every item sold! If you are satisfied with your purchase & experience, please take a moment to leave 5-Star feedback as it is greatly appreciated! If you have any issues with your purchase, please contact us directly using eBay’s messaging service so that we may resolve your issue and earn your 5-Star Feedback!

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