BlackMiner F1 Review a FPGA Miner

What’s going on cryptocurrency universe it’s a Bitcoin mining here guys well I’ve got a new looking ASIC but is it an ASIC nope it’s actually an FPGA miner this is a custom FPGA miner that is designed to run multiple algorithms and I’m excited to get a chance to actually test it today and show you guys what it can do this is a very similar form factor I’m sure it’s because of the way they cool And tunneling effect which works great because you can channel all of the air and this guy has six FPGA chips and each board for a total of 12 FPGA chips

I always like to check my miners make sure that all the heatsinks are attached none of them fell off during shipping because it would construe extremely damaged your hardware if you do not have your heat sinks on so I have not plugged this in yet I’m going to go ahead and plug it in and start testing it and see what kind Of results we get here we go up and running it’s actually not too loud at all I’m very impressed the amount of heat it produces is not too drastic I mean it’s much warm but it’s like not ridiculously hot at all you could actually mine in your house with this unlike an amp minor s9 those things are just ridiculously screaming now this fan is turned down maybe 60% 70% I’m not sure you can go in the control panel I put it at 100 it does get much louder

we Can run that test later on just to give you guys an idea of how much noise is going to actually produce but you could definitely run this in a bedroom that you don’t sleep in definitely maybe if you don’t mind a monotone or monotone door in the background it’s not too bad at all so this guy pulls about 600 watts max so we are I’m using an EVGA t2 1600 in order to power it that can technically power two of these very Easily with an 80% Headroom always want to make sure you have an 80% Headroom the closer you get to the maximum output of a power supply

the more less efficient is actually going to be and the you know it’s just not going to be as stable of power so you want to always think about 80% plus you’re gonna get into spikes and you want to make sure your power can supply can handle it so always do it maybe I wouldn’t plug this thing into anything smaller than an 800 Watt power supply if you’re gonna use a single one I wouldn’t just try to use a 650 or something along those lines as you can see mining Nexus right now we’re at 550 I’ve seen it get up as high as 608 620 depending on the settings that you actually do with it all right so this guy is very impressive it definitely does as advertised take you guys over to the screen here it’s called the altcoin minor f1 these are the algorithms that it can mine they posted

This about a month ago as you can see there are quite a few algorithms that it can actually produce at that point this is a month old there are it up there is an updated list I will try to cover that with you guys as well as you can see it’s pretty modest $8 a day there is one down at the bottom zp $16 a day and that’s still currently about 16 dollars a day so we’re gonna go ahead and switch over to the new list I just want to give you an idea Of what it was a month ago and this is what we look like today they have added quite a few algorithms to this I’ve tested them all it does perform at these ratings or close to it the power rating is very impressive under 600 watts for what these things be able to produce this use Nexus as an example that’s 2.4 gigahertz 610 ATT eyes will Point will produce about twelve to thirteen hundred 1000 1.2 to 1.3 Giga hashes so it’s as powerful as 1210 ATT eyes mining Nexus That’s at 550 watts the lowest I was able to get to 1080 TI mining Nexus six of them were probably closer to 12 1300 watt so that’s very impressive in itself it’s less than a half that’s about a quarter of the power that you would be using if you were using 1080 T eyes to mine. Read more about the Blackminer F1.

Nexus now this is not an ASIC miner it is an FPGA which means their field programmable gate units you can upload different programs to it so that it can mine different coins at Highly efficient rate now the one thing I will say about this compared to other FPGA that I have been researching is it does not have Ram incorporated it this is only the chip so this can only mine algorithms that have high processing values and no RAM like you cerium as an example requires Ram in order for you to – so this will never be able to mine the Ethereum but it will be able to potentially line some other large cap coins that are coming up as you can see On their list here they have released one secret one recently that does thirty to fifty dollars a day there’s a new one coming soon that does seventeen to twenty dollars a day I have tested the one they have released it does produce that probably closer to the $30 per day by the way it started off at 50 it’s down to 30 pretty quickly hard to see how long it’s going to hold it but still impressive for what it’s able to do

BlackMiner F1

there’s another Point up there that you can mine SCR ID for 15 to 20 dollars per day and they have some other algorithms coming in Nexus is the large cap point on here I do believe they’re working on some other large cap coins do I dare to speculate but you know if you know from looking up and researching other FPGA miners they can easily be mining Manero quite a few other coins that are out there that I think that can also be mined with this I think it has a lot of Potential especially when they get into some large cap points maybe libary is an example we’ll see we’ll see what these mystery coins are and as they come out so this is definitely very impressive now I’m sure you guys are wondering how much does this thing cost especially if they can make $30 per day you know it’s actually rather good priced $2,500 is what it cost and it can mine all those different algorithms

it’s very impressive especially for the power Consumption I have been comparing this to other FPGA miners that are available on the market and they’re about 3,000 to 4,000 dollars if you can even find them in stock these guys are actually available ready now I think that’s pretty neat I was able to get a unit I was pretty skeptical at first but it definitely does it definitely does like they say it does it’s very impressive and I think it’s a good buy for at $2,500 so I’ve got one of them here Definitely going to test this thing out for several weeks make sure it’s extremely stable I’ve been going through most of the algorithms they do confirm it their hash rate are relatively close to it there is a fluctuation of course the best option you know I would have to say you know the best one I like so far would probably be the Nexus really I’ve only stayed on them for about 24 hours

I’ve tested about four of them stable for 24 hours the next best one you know I’ve only kind of tested the other ones for like 3040 minutes just to confirm their actual Hastur so I can confirm that this thing is able to produce this now let’s take a look at the Nexus calculator and see what we can get per day on that at 2400 mega hashes and according to the Chart we’re able to get 2.4 gigahertz so there we go that’s about 14 Nexus per day so 14 Nexus per day is about just under $10 per day is what this machine you can Mine on a large cap coin like Nexus and when I say that I mean it’s top 100 the other coins are that are able to mine Zhi coin box dome I mean all these coins are pretty small that’s kind of my biggest downside to this machine but I do believe that these some down here that are pending that are coming out soon will be large cap coins they have confirmed that they have large cap coins coming out just don’t know what they are when they’re coming and you know they Could be the one in December hopefully it could be than the one that’s coming in by the end of this month November but we’ll see all we can do is follow them along and check it out so let’s go to the miner itself and see what it looks like it’s actually very easy to use

it looks very familiar actually so when we get into the control panel there’s the administration the reboot the upgrade so you’re actually able to upgrade the files so they give you all That’s one nice thing that I really liked about this compared to some of the other FPGA miners that I’ve been looking into is that you got to get the bitstream better be able to write the bitstreams I’m not a coder myself so you’ve got to be able to attain them and then there’s usually even a fee that could be obtained on top of the bit streams so you’re paying 4% for this bit stream so these guys actually write and produce bit streams for you they give You a bit stream for every one of these algorithms and you’re able to upload it into the miner using the upgrade system so you would just upgraded a new file and flash it and you would be able to come over here to miner config and then there’s a drop-down menu right here that you would be able to select it from and see which ones that are there there’s so there you can’t hold all of them but you can hold quite a few then you would normally put in Your pool address here and then your mining address they have it preset up for you so all you would really need to do is input your address and you can straight up use these pools without having to make accounts most of the time but you’re gonna want to confirm that for yourself

remember it was making 2.4 gigahertz on average and you can see here that we’re actually producing on average the 2.4 + and it’s even a little higher right now As we just saw this guy’s mining about 2.4 gigahertz on Nexus which is about $10 per day pulling 550 watts which is about 40 45 dollars a month in power at ten cents a kilowatt which is pretty close to the national average maybe 12 cents per kilowatt the national average here in the United States so it could be as high as 50 dollars per month there are other coins as we talked about that are much smaller cap if you’re wanting to play with those you can make 15 to 20 Dollars per day there’s even the new one that came out which is about $30 per day and it has maintained that $30 per day the last five days or so since I’ve been testing this device I’m kind of going around with all of the different algorithms trying to make sure to test them for 24 hours stall it but it’s very stable it performs as described and I thought you guys would be excited to check this out with me I’ve been definitely enjoying the time I’ve had to test it out it’s a GPU mining I won’t lie has been kind of boring and depressing lately it’s you know three $4 per day for a 6 card rig depending on what you’re mining especially if it’s the etherium you know there is Ben Raven coin lately that has been help saving the mining market that’s of course more Nvidia based a 1080 TI’s to the 70 T eyes for Raven coin and so make sure to check that out and they may be able to mine Raven coin

With this actually I’m not sure because the switches between the 16 algorithms and it may require Ram so raven coin may have the leg up on FPGAs because the algorithms switching but don’t hold me to that we’ll see if anybody comes up with something for it but I think Raven corn is gonna be the GPU base minor for now and this guy is gonna be able to do some of the other ones so thanks again for watching I just had a chance to check out this miner and I wanted to Share it with you guys let you know my results what I was thinking it’s really simple to use if you have any questions or anything post in the comments they have a disc or channel they were very friendly best customer service I’ve ever seen you know it’s it’s been a very pleasurable experience compared to some of these other mining things that I’ve been able to get my hands on jump to the hoop talked to him back and forth