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Bitcoin Miner. SOLO / LOTTERY / POOL Mining Platform CLM-200 BTC MINER

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Price: 799.00 USD

Bitcoin Miner:

Bitcoin Miner. SOLO / LOTTERY / POOL Mining Platform CLM-200 BTC MINER

CoinHouse Mining is pleased to offer the CLM-200 Series Bitcoin Lottery / Solo / Pool Miner.  This 100% self-contained unit, is ready to go out of the box and could earn you over $235,000. (Based on 1/26/2022 Bitcoin Price)

We’ve created the ONLY self-contained solo /  lottery / pool miner on the market.   You do not need a monitor, keyboard or mouse.  All you need is basic WiFi and power.   

You can even run this off the grid with a hotspot and solar panel.   Take it to work, mine from your car during your commute to work, take it on vacation, or just leave it sitting on your desk.   We’ve totally eliminated the complexity of mining.

The CLM-200 is based on a Gekko Science NewPac with a hash rate over 22Gh/s and your rig can be up and running in minutes.   

From that point forward, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week you are mining.


Yes, with this new version of our software, we now support ANY USB Miner!!    

Want to combine a few of them?  Go ahead.    

GekkoScience, AntMiner, BitFurry, HexFurry, Butterfly Labs and others ALL SUPPORTED by your miner.    

By adding a powered USB Hub, you can easily combine any number of miners and task them with SOLO mining OR POOL mining. (See our other auctions for a custom stand which includes a powered USB hub)

We have also created a script library.   We can easily assist you in switching to ANY SHA256 coin as well as between pool or solo mining.     Follow the market trends, optimize your miner for profit.

What  Is Solo Mining

Solo mining is different from traditional pool mining.   In a pool, the entire pool splits a reward, so your miner is always making money for you, but you are always sharing that with the other members of the pool.   With solo mining, you do not get paid unless your miner finds and solves a block.  If you successfully mine a block then Bitcoin will be sent directly to your BTC wallet.  

If your miner does not find a block then you will not receive anything. That’s why this listing is a SOLO / LOTTERY mining – there is no guarantee that your miner will find a block.

However, with your miner working around the clock for you, you stand a much better chance than someone who buys a mining contract for an hour, day week or month.    You are always mining.  24 x 7!!

For those of you who enjoy math…   Each day 1,800 BTC are mined in blocks of 6.25BTC.   98% are mined by mining pools, 2% by solo miners.    That means that roughly 6 times a day a solo miner hits the Bitcoin lottery.    That means that 6 times a day, your miner may be the lucky winner!

Who Are We?

We are CoinHouse Mining, LLC.   We are a wholly owned subsidiary of CoinHouse Capital, LLC  an established player in the Cryto Currency market with over $23,000,000 in managed assets and growing daily.     We are also part of the All Keys Family of companies (www.allkeysfamily dot com)    

What you’re getting from us is a REAL company, an ESTABLISHED company, a company with strong leadership that continues to lead in innovation.  We encourage all potential buyers of this product or any of our companies to do full diligence.   We have competitors who claim to be companies, trademarked and in reality they are not and just here to make a quick buck.   We are solid.

Once a member of the CoinHouse Mining family, your mining rig is covered under 24×7 technical support.  Handled by our skilled technicians in Florida, Malta, India and Pakistan.  All English speaking and experts in our product line and mining.

You are also entitled to FREE software upgrades for the life of your product.   We release updates quarterly that include product enhancements.

Finally, your hardware is warrantied for a full year.   In the event your unit fails, we cross ship a new unit to you.  How often do you hear something like that on eBay?    Never.   Because eBay is just one our sales outlet, part of being a REAL COMPANY.

Join over 800 other users as we welcome you to the CoinHouse Family.

What’s In The Box?

You Will Receive:

                         Coin House Capital CLM-200 Series Miner with integrated 3.5″ Digital Display.

                         Gekko Science NewPac USB Miner

                         2.5W Power Supply

                         Bluetooth Wireless Keyboard / Mouse (Not necessary but added for your ease of use)

                         Owners Manual & Quick Setup Guide

The Legal Stuff…

Due to the nature of crypto currencies no returns are accepted.  With your purchase you acknowledge and accept that this item is not returnable and hereby waive all eBay and PayPal buyer protection.   

We will ONLY ship to validated PayPal addresses and delivery will be SIGNATURE REQUIRED.     

Absolutely NO INTERNATIONAL ORDERS unless payment is made in Crypto.

All pictures, screen images, listing text and information here within are the sole property of Coinhouse Capital, LLC and can not be used or reproduced without our legal consent.   Any infringement of our intellectual property will be aggressively legally enforced.

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