Antminer L3+ 504MH/S ASIC Litecoin Miner, Dogecoin Mining Lemons L6

L3+ is a double money combine mining machine of Litecoin and doge cash. Has high registering power and productivity: figuring power 504Mh/s, power utilization 800W.Bitmain Antminer L3+ ASIC Scrypt Miner w/o power supply
High-Grade aluminum combination body with indispensably shaped environmental factors. Twofold front and back fans, free hotness sink, better hotness dispersal. The hotness sink takes on another holding innovation to make the body more vigorous.
With TSMC’s 28-nanometer FinFET process and a completely tweaked plan arrangement, the L3+ cryptographic money mining machine is equipped for arriving at a lot higher productivity rating while likewise utilizing less influence low-energy. The energy utilization proportion of this gadget is 1.6J/MH.
The Antminer L3+’s control board utilizes the quick AM335x 1GHz ARM Cortex-A8 microchip and supports Gigabit Ethernet to guarantee that mined squares are submitted immediately.
We will investigate the Antminer digger before shipment to guarantee full paired hash rate and functioning admirably. Aslo We have cleaned and cleaned the machine, kindly have confidence to buy.

The Compact Design And Efficient Cooling System
Made of high-grade aluminum, the L3+ is reduced and can be handily stacked and associated for more agreeable activity. The L3+ digger can be utilized anyplace – in mines and local locations.
Antminer L3+ utilizes a blend of convection and conduction to upgrade cooling. This cooling technique helps continue to mine tasks stable. The gadget takes on a high-grade aluminum packaging, with two front and back fans for heat dissemination, dustproof and heatproof.
The L3+ utilizes the most recent age of chips, L3+ cryptographic money excavator can accomplish a higher productivity level, and utilizing less influence and low energy utilization.

Antminer L3+ is a uniquely designed digging gadget for Litecoin, and mining in light of the Scrypt calculation .
Antminer L3+ contains 288 BM1485 ASIC chips, which can give quicker registering power.
Antminer L3+ has a greatest hash pace of 504Mh/s. It’s double the speed of L3
Antminer L3+ can work under the temperature of 0℃ to 40℃, moistness of 5%RH-95%RH and no buildup

The L3+ is a strong digger and is prepared to do solo or union mining Litecoin and Dogecoin.,with assessed benefit consistently. It additionally applies to Verge-Scrypt, DGB-Scrypt, Einsteinium, Litecoin, Florin, GameCredits, Dogecoin, Viacoin, and Myriad-Scrypt digger viable with Scrypt hashing calculation.