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8 dBi RAKwireless Antenna Sensecap SYNCROBIT NEBRA BOBCAT 10′ LMR 400 Helium RAK

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Price: 143.00 USD

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8 dBi RAKwireless Antenna Sensecap SYNCROBIT NEBRA BOBCAT 10′ LMR 400 Helium RAK


Helium Hotspot Miner 8 DBI Omni-directional US 915MHZ or EU 868MHZ Fiberglass Antenna 

with 10 FEET Super Low Signal Loss Times Microwave LMR-400 Cable 

+ Lightning Arrester

+ #10 AWG Gauge Ground Cable

+ 2 Mount Brackets


Our antennas are 1000X better than the free stock antenna that comes with your hotspot.  Anything is better than the free stock antenna!  Especially when you want to deploy your hotspot outdoor to get better signal reception and earn more HNT Rewards, you will need a high power antennas like ours.  The free cheap pigtail cables that comes with your unit, will not last a couple days out in the hot scorching sun.  You will need to get the best Times Microwave Systems Super Low Signal Loss LMR-400 Cables made for outdoor and the elements.  We have tested every antennas and cables out there and this COMBO work the best outdoor at 915 MHz or 868 MHz LoRa both low and high elevation for all Helium Hotspots.

Get this antenna COMBO today in 3 days PRIORITY MAIL SHIPPING in the USA!!!  We can also ship it OVERNIGHT for you.  
Just choose OVERNIGHT shipping at check out.
Don’t wait and lose out on your HNT coins.


– 8 dBi US 915Mhz or EU 868 Mhz High Power Omni-Directional LoRa RF Fiberglass Antenna

– QTY (2) antenna mounting brackets

– Lightning Arrester with Ground Cable

– 10 Feet Genuine Authentic USA Made Times Microwave Systems LMR-400 RF Coaxial Cable with N Male and RP-SMA Male Connectors Super Low Signal Loss Cable.  Times Microwave Systems is the TOP OF THE LINE manufacture of LMR-400 Super Low Signal Loss Cable. Don’t settle for no brand name or cheap Chinese made cables.  

We cannot stress this enough:
Remember below equation when choosing your antenna cable:
More signal Loss = Less HNT Reward!
Times Microwave LMR-400 Antenna Cable = More HNT Coins Reward!

– #10 AWG Gauge Green Ground Cable with Ring Terminals on both ends to Ground Lightning Arrester to Antenna Pole Mast

Please contact us if you need a different length LMR-400 antenna cable.  We can accommodate.

This 8 dBi US 915Mhz or EU 868MHz Omni-directional LoRa RF antenna can increase your HNT Rewards up to 1000% or more depending on how many other hotspots are around your area, your terrain, your environment, your antenna pole height, your antenna location (outdoor vs indoor), the antenna cable you use, your line of sight, other hotspots in your areas deployment method, and many many other factors. 

Your HNT Rewards may vary depending on your antenna deployment !

This is one of the most powerful Omni Directional antenna in the market for Bobcat, Cal-Chip RAK, ClodPi, Controllino, FreedomFi, FXTec Linxdot, Heltec, Kerlink, LongAP, Nebra, Pisces Green Palm Technologies, RAKwireless, MNTD, Sensecap, Syncrobit and many other Helium Hotspot Miners. 

The sooner you get this antenna, the sooner you can start mining and earn more HNT Coin Rewards.

What are you waiting for?

Why settle for less with cheap antennas ?

You work hard for your money; you deserve MORE HNT coins !!!

At $24/HNT, you can pay for all of this by mining in just 1-2 days !
A no brainer.
So click the “Buy it Now” button and do yourself a favor and get this today!  Your HNT Wallet will thank you :o)

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