6 Halloween Costume Accessories from the Rick and Morty Show / Pickle Citadel

6 Halloween Costume Accessories from the Rick and Morty Show / Pickle Citadel

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6 Halloween Costume Accessories from the Rick and Morty Show / Pickle Citadel

Grrrrrrrr -eetings .   here are fun and fantastic additions to your costume gear, or the perfect gift for any fan of the Rick and Morty Show….

You are buying the 6 items shown.   Please check it closely and see all of the interesting information on the card,

and all of the unique details.

They are renditions  of official – looking identification cards

They are approximately in Size:    3 in. x 2 in.                They are constructed of  plastic.

Thanks most kindly, Harry

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Rick and Morty is an American adult animated science fiction sitcom created by Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon for Cartoon Network‘s late-night programming block Adult Swim. The series follows the misadventures of cynical mad scientist Rick Sanchez and his good-hearted but fretful grandson Morty Smith, who split their time between domestic life and interdimensional adventures.

Roiland voices the eponymous characters, with Chris Parnell, Spencer Grammer and Sarah Chalke voicing the rest of Rick and Morty’s family. The series originated from an animated short parody film of Back to the Future, created by Roiland for Channel 101, a short film festival co-founded by Harmon. The series has been acclaimed by critics for its originality, creativity and humor.

The fourth season premiered on November 10, 2019, and consists of ten episodes. A fifth season was confirmed in May 2020, as part of a long-term deal in May 2018 that ordered 70 new episodes over an unspecified number of seasons.[2]

Associates of Rick

  • Mr. Meeseeks (voiced by Justin Roiland) – A race of blue humanoid creatures who all share the same name and personality. The Meeseeks are created from a metal box called a Meeseeks Box, and once they appear, whoever summoned them must give them a single simple task for them to fulfill, after which they disappear in a cloud of smoke. Meeseeks make their first appearance when Rick becomes tired of the family members asking him for favors, so he gives them the Meeseeks Box to have the Meeseeks do chores for him, but not before explaining that Mr. Meeseeks “are not Gods” and therefore their chores must be kept simple. Mr. Meeseeks are normally cheerful and cartoonish in personality, but if they spend too much time without fulfilling their given task, their sanity begins to wane and they can become dangerously psychotic, going to great lengths to see their task done, to the point of attempting murder on their summoner. This is because, according to the Meeseeks themselves, merely existing is physically and psychologically torturous to them, so the sooner they complete their tasks the sooner they can disappear. There are also Kirkland branded red Mr. Meeseeks, which are more surly and uncooperative compared to the blue versions.
  • Scary Terry (voiced by Jess Harnell) – A murderous entity who resides in the dream world. He is a “legally safe” parody of Freddy Krueger and has miniature swords on his fingers instead of knives. He initially tries to kill Rick and Morty, but later befriends them after they help him with his own dream problems. He is very fond of the word “bitch”, and injects it into almost every sentence. It is revealed that scaring is simply an occupation for him, and that he is very insecure about his capabilities, which puts him under great stress. Unlike Krueger, who was a human that was burned to death and then became a demonic ghost, Scary Terry is of a different species and his burnt appearance is a naturally-occurring trait, as seen with his similarly “scary” wife and infant son, as well as the classmates and teacher seen in his dream.
  • Dr. Xenon Bloom (voiced by John Oliver) – A sentient amoeba who co-founded Anatomy Park along with Rick. He is killed when the diseases of the park escape from captivity and overrun the park.
  • Birdperson (voiced by Dan Harmon) – A superhero-like being who is Rick’s best friend. He holds a deep respect for Rick, and often offers Morty insight when Morty considers doing something that would jeopardize his and Rick’s relationship. He was at one point in a band with Rick and Squanchy. Birdperson, Rick, and Squanchy were once freedom fighters against the Galactic Federation’s oppression; their “crimes” led the Galactic Federation to issue warrants for their arrests. Birdperson marries Tammy Gueterman in the season 2 finale, but is killed by her after it is revealed that she is an undercover agent of the Galactic Federation sent to capture Rick and his associates. Birdperson’s appearance is based on the character Hawk from 1970s series Buck Rogers in the 25th Century. In the post-credits of the Season 3 premiere, Bird Person is turned into a cyborg called Phoenixperson by Tammy and the Federation after Rick destroys the Federation’s economy and forces them to leave Earth. She rides him away, presumably to seek revenge on Rick. In the season 4 finale, when the Smiths infiltrate the Galactic Federation’s new planet-destroying battle station to destroy it and rescue the two Beths, Phonenixperson confronts and battles Rick, almost killing him, until he is tricked by an invisible Jerry using Tammy’s corpse, and subsequently shut down by Beth. Afterwards, it is revealed that Rick retrieved Phoenixperson’s remains and keeps him in his garage lab until he finds a way to fix him.
  • Revolio “Gearhead” Clockberg, Jr. (voiced by Scott Chernoff) – A robotic-looking “gearperson”. He is well-versed in an event that occurred on his home planet called the “Gear Wars” and can play an instrument similar to a lute. Despite being one of Rick’s friends, Rick does not know his real name, preferring to call him “Gearhead”, a racial epithet. Rick and Morty hide out at his house while fugitives for freeing Fart, and Gearhead betrays Rick by calling the police. Because of this, Rick beats him up and replaces his mouth gears with his “gearsticles“. He has a somewhat effeminate voice, and a magazine entitled “Queer Gear” can be seen in his home, hinting that he is a gear-mosexual. Despite his betrayal, he is shown attending Rick’s party in “Vindicators 3: The Return of Worldender”, indicating that they are still friends. He catches Morty’s Vindicators jacket after he tosses it away and is later shown attempting to pick up some gear women by pretending to be a part of the team. However, an actual disaster strikes, causing him to run away. He then trips on a pile of gears and falls, causing his arms and legs to break off.
  • Squanchy (voiced by Tom Kenny) – A disheveled catlike creature who replaces various words in his sentences with the word “squanch”. He is a parody of Snarf. Squanchy is one of Rick’s best friends and wears a bracelet inscribed with “Rick’s BFF”. Squanchy, Birdperson, and Rick were once freedom fighters against the Galactic Federation’s oppression; their “crimes” led the Galactic Federation to issue warrants for their arrests. Morty and Jessica catch him engaging in autoerotic asphyxiation in a closet in the garage. He was at one point in a band with Rick and Birdperson. When the Galactic Federation infiltrates Birdperson’s wedding in the season 2 finale episode “The Wedding Squanchers”, he reveals that one of his teeth contains a liquid which transforms him into a hulking behemoth. Justin Roiland combined his name with the company Nintendo to form the name for his virtual reality studio, “Squanchtendo”.
  • Abradolf Lincler (voiced by Maurice LaMarche) – A being created by Rick. He has the DNA of both Abraham Lincoln and Adolf Hitler, which was intended to make him “a morally neutral super-leader”. Instead, it renders him with conflicting emotions that he is unable to deal with. He initially seeks to be accepted as a son by his “father” Rick, who only regards him as a failed experiment. After Rick tries to get him killed in an alien environment, he swears revenge only to be picked up by the Testicle Monsters to be used as a sex toy in their weird orgy.
  • Krombopulos Michael (voiced by Andy Daly) – A Gromflomite assassin who often purchases weapons from Rick. Although cheerful and friendly, he is also devoid of ethical restraint and has no qualms with killing anything or anyone, including children, old people and animals. He is accidentally crushed to death by Morty as the latter clumsily pilots Rick’s ship into the building that Michael’s target is imprisoned in. Krombopulos Michael is also revealed to have an unnamed lover, in which he ceremoniously kisses a locket with her picture, before embarking on his mission to kill his target, leading to his accidental death.
  • Unity (voiced by various; main body voiced by Christina Hendricks) – A hive mind whom Rick had previously dated, as they are two of the small handful of sentient beings capable of fully comprehending the scope of the universe. To spread to others, the hosts vomit a green liquid into the others’ mouths which quickly incorporates them. Unity and Rick get back together, but Unity soon realizes that the self-destructive behavior they indulge in when they are together is bad for both of them, leading to Unity ending their relationship again. A distraught Rick attempts suicide, but fails.
  • Blim Blam the Klorblok (voiced by John Kassir) – A large slug-like alien, who claims to be a murderer who eats babies and to have traveled to Earth to do so. He was captured and chained up by Rick in an attempt to cure Blim Blam’s “space AIDS” in order to become rich selling the cure. He was discovered by Beth and Jerry, however, the two’s bickering annoyed Blim Blam to the point that he broke free, berated the two by using a translation device Rick had (as he could only speak in an alien language beforehand), then left promising never to return to Earth.
  • Mr. Poopybutthole (voiced by Justin Roiland) – A yellow humanoid creature and longtime family friend. He is a parody of wacky side characters on television shows. Although he shows up at the same time as a group of Alien Parasites who take the forms of similarly zany characters, Mr. Poopybutthole himself is real. He is severely injured by Beth after she mistakes him for an Alien Parasite and shoots him. By the post-credits, Mr. Poopybutthole survives the wound and is undergoing physical therapy. While the nurse states that he doesn’t want any visitors right now due to the stress of his rehabilitation, she does forward Mr. Poopybutthole’s apology to them about nobody having bad memories of him. Mr. Poopybutthole is seen again in the post-credits of “The Wedding Squanchers” watching the episode while still recovering from his wound. After getting his pizza delivered, he implores the viewers to tune in a year to 18 months later in order to see how the cliffhanger is resolved in Season 3. He appears again in the post-credits scenes in Season 3 finale and has a wife and kids and in the Season 4 episode “One Crew over the Crewcoo’s Morty” as a college professor. He is later mentioned to be fired after Rick hires his students to kill him to test his karate skills when they speak during the episode’s post-credits.
  • Arthricia (voiced by Chelsea Kane) – A young alien girl who resembles an anthropomorphic cat person. She resides on a planet with an Amish style culture whose residents engage in an annual “purge“. She first injures Rick, mugs Morty, and steals their ship in order to use it to kill the rich people who dominate her planet and enforce the purge amongst the poor. She is unable to fly it properly, so Rick gives her a robot suit and helps her kill the rich people after Morty gets too carried away with killing people and has to be subdued. Morty later asks her out, but she declines and claims that she already has a boyfriend.
  • The Vindicators – A group of superheroes who band together to fight evil when it threatens to destroy the world. They enlisted Rick and Morty to help them defeat their nemesis, Worldender once before, but did not invite them back a second time due to “personality conflicts”, resulting in mass casualties and 3 of them dying. Nearly all of them are killed when Rick, in a fit of drunken jealousy and contempt, sets up a Saw-style gauntlet to prove that the team is nothing but a bunch of one-dimensional hacks, causing most of the team to either die to Rick’s traps, or kill each other when tensions and inner turmoil turn them against each other. They are a parody of the Avengers.
    • Vance Maximus, Renegade Starsoldier (voiced by Christian Slater) – The leader of the Vindicators. He presents himself as a suave, friendly and fun-loving leader, but Rick’s death traps quickly causes him to reveal his true nature as a coward who cracks under pressure. He insults Morty as “the learning-disabled kid we do photo ops with”, and then attempts to escape only to be killed by a trap. He is a parody of Iron Man and Star-Lord.
    • Alan Rails (voiced by Lance Reddick) – A man who gained the ability to summon ghost trains after his parents were killed in a railroad accident. He wears a ghostly train whistle around his neck, which he uses to summon ghost trains. He is openly hostile towards Rick and is revealed to be the one who didn’t want to invite him back to defeat Doomnometron. Million Ants kills him during a squabble about their love triangle with Supernova. He is a parody of Steel, with powers similar to Green Lantern.
    • Supernova (voiced by Gillian Jacobs) – A star themed superheroine, who is the only surviving member of the Vindicators after she assisted Million Ants in killing her ex-husband Alan Rails, then later killed her lover Million Ants. It is unknown whether Rick exposed her crimes or if she is still a hero after she escaped. She is most likely a parody of Starfire with a design like Singularity.
    • Crocubot (voiced by Maurice LaMarche) – A cyborg crocodile. Little is known about him save for his cold mechanical-reptilian logic, and that Rick made a joke about him falling into a vat of redundancy. He dies in one of Rick’s death traps when he tries to answer a question using common logic, when not taking into account the illogical answer that only Morty would know. He is likely a parody of Cyborg and animal superheroes like Rocket Raccoon.
    • Million Ants (voiced by Tom Kenny) – A sentient ant colony who was originally given sentience by Supernova and became her adulterous lover when they were trapped on a planet for several days with no way of knowing if they would survive. He is killed by Supernova who crushes the queen ant after he tries to reason with her after she attempts to kill Rick and Morty. He is likely a parody of Ant-Man but bears more of a resemblance to Swarm and Clayface.
  • Noob Noob (voiced by Justin Roiland) – The Vindicators’ intern and janitor, who appears to be of the same species as Mr. Poopybutthole except with asymmetrical eyes. He wishes to eventually become a full-fledged Vindicator, but is always made to stay behind and clean up their ship. Rick appreciates him more than the other Vindicators because he laughs at Rick’s jokes. While drunk, Rick claims to have more love for him than Morty, only to apparently forget who Noob Noob is after recovering.

AFI’s 100 Years…100 Heroes & Villains

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AFI 100 Years… series 1998     100 Movies

1999     100 Stars

2000     100 Laughs

2001     100 Thrills

2002     100 Passions

2003     100 Heroes & Villains

2004     100 Songs

2005     100 Movie Quotes

2005     25 Scores

2006     100 Cheers

2006     25 Musicals

2007     100 Movies (Updated)

2008     AFI’s 10 Top 10

AFI’s 100 Years… 100 Heroes and Villains is a list of the one-hundred greatest screen characters (fifty each in the hero and villain categories) as chosen by the American Film Institute in June 2003. It is part of the AFI 100 Years… series. The list was first presented in a CBS special hosted by Arnold Schwarzenegger. The presentation programme was nominated for an Emmy Award for Outstanding Nonfiction Special.[1]

The list


Rank     Hero     Actor     Film     Year     Notes

1.     Atticus Finch     Gregory Peck     To Kill a Mockingbird     1962     Loosely based upon the father of Harper Lee

2.     Indiana Jones     Harrison Ford     Raiders of the Lost Ark     1981    

3.     James Bond     Sean Connery     Dr. No     1962    

4.     Rick Blaine     Humphrey Bogart     Casablanca     1942    

5.     Will Kane     Gary Cooper     High Noon     1952    

6.     Clarice Starling     Jodie Foster     The Silence of the Lambs     1991    

7.     Rocky Balboa     Sylvester Stallone     Rocky     1976    

8.     Ellen Ripley     Sigourney Weaver     Aliens     1986    

9.     George Bailey     James Stewart     It’s a Wonderful Life     1946    

10.     T. E. Lawrence     Peter O’Toole     Lawrence of Arabia     1962     Historical figure

11.     Jefferson Smith     James Stewart     Mr. Smith Goes to Washington     1939    

12.     Tom Joad     Henry Fonda     The Grapes of Wrath     1940    

13.     Oskar Schindler     Liam Neeson     Schindler’s List     1993     Historical figure

14.     Han Solo     Harrison Ford     Star Wars     1977    

15.     Norma Rae Webster     Sally Field     Norma Rae     1979     Based upon southern mill worker Crystal Lee Sutton

16.     Shane     Alan Ladd     Shane     1953    

17.     Harry Callahan     Clint Eastwood     Dirty Harry     1971    

18.     Robin Hood     Errol Flynn     The Adventures of Robin Hood     1938    

19.     Virgil Tibbs     Sidney Poitier     In the Heat of the Night     1967    

20.     Butch Cassidy

and the Sundance Kid     Paul Newman

and Robert Redford     Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid     1969     Historical figures

21.     Mahatma Gandhi     Ben Kingsley     Gandhi     1982     Historical figure

22.     Spartacus     Kirk Douglas     Spartacus     1960     Historical figure

23.     Terry Malloy     Marlon Brando     On the Waterfront     1954    

24.     Thelma Dickinson and Louise Sawyer     Geena Davis and Susan Sarandon     Thelma & Louise     1991    

25.     Lou Gehrig     Gary Cooper     The Pride of the Yankees     1942     Historical figure

26.     Superman     Christopher Reeve     Superman     1978    

27.     Bob Woodward

and Carl Bernstein     Robert Redford

and Dustin Hoffman     All the President’s Men     1976     Historical figures

28.     Juror #8     Henry Fonda     12 Angry Men     1957    

29.     General George Patton     George C. Scott     Patton     1970     Historical figure

30.     Lucas (Luke) Jackson     Paul Newman     Cool Hand Luke     1967    

31.     Erin Brockovich     Julia Roberts     Erin Brockovich     2000     Historical figure

32.     Philip Marlowe     Humphrey Bogart     The Big Sleep     1946    

33.     Marge Gunderson     Frances McDormand     Fargo     1996    

34.     Tarzan     Johnny Weissmuller     Tarzan the Ape Man     1932    

35.     Alvin York     Gary Cooper     Sergeant York     1941     Historical figure

36.     Rooster Cogburn     John Wayne     True Grit     1969    

37.     Obi-Wan Kenobi     Alec Guinness     Star Wars     1977    

38.     The Tramp     Charlie Chaplin     City Lights     1931    

39.     Lassie     Pal     Lassie Come Home     1943    

40.     Frank Serpico     Al Pacino     Serpico     1973     Historical figure

41.     Arthur Chipping     Robert Donat     Goodbye, Mr. Chips     1939    

42.     Father Edward     Spencer Tracy     Boys Town     1938     Historical figure

43.     Moses     Charlton Heston     The Ten Commandments     1956     Biblical figure

44.     Jimmy “Popeye” Doyle     Gene Hackman     The French Connection     1971     Based upon New York City Police Detective Eddie Egan

45.     Zorro     Tyrone Power     The Mark of Zorro     1940    

46.     Batman     Michael Keaton     Batman     1989    

47.     Karen Silkwood     Meryl Streep     Silkwood     1983     Historical figure

48.     The T-800     Arnold Schwarzenegger     Terminator 2: Judgment Day     1991    

49.     Andrew Beckett     Tom Hanks     Philadelphia     1993    

50.     General Maximus Decimus Meridius     Russell Crowe     Gladiator     2000    


Rank     Villain     Actor     Film     Year     Notes

1.     Dr. Hannibal Lecter     Anthony Hopkins     The Silence of the Lambs     1991    

2.     Norman Bates     Anthony Perkins     Psycho     1960     Loosely based upon killer Ed Gein

3.     Darth Vader     David Prowse (voiced by James Earl Jones)     The Empire Strikes Back     1980    

4.     The Wicked Witch of the West     Margaret Hamilton     The Wizard of Oz     1939    

5.     Nurse Ratched     Louise Fletcher     One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest     1975    

6.     Mr. Potter     Lionel Barrymore     It’s a Wonderful Life     1946    

7.     Alex Forrest     Glenn Close     Fatal Attraction     1987    

8.     Phyllis Dietrichson     Barbara Stanwyck     Double Indemnity     1944    

9.     Regan MacNeil (as possessed by “Satan”)     Linda Blair (voiced by Mercedes McCambridge)     The Exorcist     1973    

10.     The Evil Queen     Voice of Lucille La Verne     Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs     1937    

11.     Michael Corleone     Al Pacino     The Godfather Part II     1974    

12.     Alex DeLarge     Malcolm McDowell     A Clockwork Orange     1971    

13.     HAL 9000     Voice of Douglas Rain     2001: A Space Odyssey     1968    

14.     The Alien     Bolaji Badejo     Alien     1979    

15.     Amon Goeth     Ralph Fiennes     Schindler’s List     1993     Historical figure

16.     Noah Cross     John Huston     Chinatown     1974    

17.     Annie Wilkes     Kathy Bates     Misery     1990    

18.     The Shark     “Bruce”[2]     Jaws     1975    

19.     Captain Bligh     Charles Laughton     Mutiny on the Bounty     1935     Historical figure

20.     Man     Voiced by Paul Starrs     Bambi     1942    

21.     Mrs. Eleanor Iselin     Angela Lansbury     The Manchurian Candidate     1962    

22.     Terminator     Arnold Schwarzenegger     The Terminator     1984    

23.     Eve Harrington     Anne Baxter     All About Eve     1950    

24.     Gordon Gekko     Michael Douglas     Wall Street     1987    

25.     Jack Torrance     Jack Nicholson     The Shining     1980    

26.     Cody Jarrett     James Cagney     White Heat     1949    

27.     Martians     Various     The War of the Worlds     1953    

28.     Max Cady     Robert Mitchum     Cape Fear     1962    

29.     Reverend Harry Powell     Robert Mitchum     The Night of the Hunter     1955    

30.     Travis Bickle     Robert De Niro     Taxi Driver     1976    

31.     Mrs. Danvers     Judith Anderson     Rebecca     1940    

32.     Clyde Barrow and Bonnie Parker     Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway     Bonnie and Clyde     1967     Historical figures

33.     Count Dracula     Bela Lugosi     Dracula     1931    

34.     Dr. Szell     Laurence Olivier     Marathon Man     1976    

35.     J.J. Hunsecker     Burt Lancaster     Sweet Smell of Success     1957     Based upon columnist Walter Winchell

36.     Frank Booth     Dennis Hopper     Blue Velvet     1986    

37.     Harry Lime     Orson Welles     The Third Man     1949    

38.     Caesar Enrico Bandello     Edward G. Robinson     Little Caesar     1931    

39.     Cruella De Vil     Voice by Betty Lou Gerson     One Hundred and One Dalmatians     1961    

40.     Freddy Krueger     Robert Englund     A Nightmare on Elm Street     1984    

41.     Joan Crawford     Faye Dunaway     Mommie Dearest     1981     Historical figure

42.     Tom Powers     James Cagney     The Public Enemy     1931    

43.     Regina Giddens     Bette Davis     The Little Foxes     1941    

44.     Baby Jane Hudson     Bette Davis     What Ever Happened to Baby Jane?     1962    

45.     The Joker     Jack Nicholson     Batman     1989    

46.     Hans Gruber     Alan Rickman     Die Hard     1988    

47.     Tony Camonte     Paul Muni     Scarface     1932    

48.     Verbal Kint     Kevin Spacey     The Usual Suspects     1995    

49.     Auric Goldfinger     Gert Fröbe (voiced by Michael Collins)     Goldfinger     1964    

50.     Detective Alonzo Harris     Denzel Washington     Training Day     2001    

The characters

    The Silence of the Lambs and It’s a Wonderful Life are the only films to place a character in the top ten of both lists. In addition, Batman, and Schindler’s List are the only other films to have characters appear on both lists.

    Four franchises have both a hero and villain listed for separate films: the Alien is from Alien while Ellen Ripley is listed for the sequel, Aliens; Darth Vader is listed for The Empire Strikes Back while Han Solo and Obi-Wan Kenobi are cited for A New Hope; the Terminator is listed as a villain for The Terminator and as a hero for Terminator 2: Judgment Day; and James Bond is listed for Dr. No while Auric Goldfinger of Goldfinger was the only Bond villain cited.

    The Terminator is the only character to be listed as both a villain (The Terminator) and a hero (Terminator 2: Judgment Day).  Within the films, these are different but physically identical characters, both played by Arnold Schwarzenegger.

    Four characters from four different Stanley Kubrick films appear: three villains (Alex DeLarge, HAL 9000, and Jack Torrance) and one hero (Spartacus).

    On each list, there appears only a single character of African descent: Virgil Tibbs as a hero for In the Heat of the Night and Alonzo Harris as a villain for Training Day.

    Only eight human heroines and fifteen villainesses are listed. The heroine Lassie is female, though she was portrayed by a male dog in all television shows and movies featuring the character.

    Twelve-year-old Regan MacNeil from The Exorcist is the youngest human character on the list.  However, the evil dæmon that possessed her throughout the film, Pazuzu, is implied to be centuries, if not millennia, old.

    Lassie, the Terminator, and Superman are the only non-human heroes.  The shark from Jaws, the Terminator, HAL 9000, the Martians, and the Alien are the only non-human villains.

    In Bambi, “Man” specifically refers to the man who killed Bambi’s mother. He is also the only character on either list not to appear on screen in any way.

    Only three characters from animated films appear, all as villains: Queen Grimhilde, “Man”, and Cruella de Vil.  All are in Walt Disney Animation Studios films.

The actors

    Gary Cooper is the only actor to appear three times on the list; in all three instances, he appears on the heroes list.

    Twelve actors appear twice on the same list: James Cagney, Bette Davis, Robert Mitchum, Faye Dunaway, and Jack Nicholson on the villains list; and Humphrey Bogart, Henry Fonda, Harrison Ford, Paul Newman, Robert Redford, and James Stewart on the heroes list.

    Al Pacino and Arnold Schwarzenegger are the only actors to appear on both lists. Schwarzenegger appears on both lists portraying different Terminators, while Pacino appears as characters from unrelated films.

    Out of all the actors who appear on the list, twenty-one of them—Kathy Bates, Marlon Brando, Gary Cooper, Russell Crowe, Robert Donat, Michael Douglas, Sally Field, Louise Fletcher, Jodie Foster, Gene Hackman, Tom Hanks, Anthony Hopkins, Ben Kingsley, Frances McDormand, Gregory Peck, Julia Roberts, George C. Scott, Kevin Spacey, Spencer Tracy, Denzel Washington, and John Wayne—received Academy Awards for their performances. Gary Cooper won twice, once for Will Kane and once for Alvin York (he also received a third nomination, for the role of Lou Gehrig).  Of the remaining actors, Judith Anderson, Anne Baxter, Warren Beatty, Linda Blair, Humphrey Bogart, Glenn Close, Bette Davis, Geena Davis, Faye Dunaway, Ralph Fiennes, Henry Fonda, Alec Guinness, Angela Lansbury, Charles Laughton, Paul Muni, Liam Neeson, Paul Newman, Robert De Niro, Laurence Olivier, Peter O’Toole, Al Pacino, Susan Sarandon, Sylvester Stallone, Barbara Stanwyck, James Stewart, Meryl Streep, and Sigourney Weaver were also nominated, but did not win.

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