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(5) 3060TI LHR GPU Mining Rig Plug & Play!

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Price: 6,999.00 USD

Bitcoin Miner:

(5) 3060TI LHR GPU Mining Rig Plug & Play!

(5) Nvidia 3060TI GPU Mining Rig- Plug & Play!

1300W EVGA Power Supply

6 PCIE slot motherboard (can be expanded)

6 GPU Mining Frame

LCD Screen

LED Fans

3 months Free Consulting


We do nearly everything as far as setup all you have to do is set up a NiceHash account & wait patiently for your rig to come in! Makes between 400-520 worth of bitcoin/passive income monthly with NiceHash (volatile because of the nature of crypto) Plus 3 free months of consulting!

Cards are all in New, Like New, & Excellent condition

We recommend HODLing for the long term for the best ROI

Make sure you check out our website, link below!

Built by Silver Blockchain Tech, we’re expert miners, rig builders, and consultants. We do custom builds as well:)


NO RETURNS due to the nature of Crypto

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