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120mm Fan Muffler with Free PSU fan Muffler. Fits Antminer S9/S7/S5/S3/S1/ L3+

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120mm Fan Muffler with Free PSU fan Muffler. Fits Antminer S9/S7/S5/S3/S1/ L3+

This is an improved 3D printed 120mm fan muffler sets for inlet and outlet with a gift power supply unit fan silencer. Now compatible with a 4 inch duct by default.

This is actually tested with Antminer S9 so we know this fits perfect and works! 

Any 120mm fan can fit this sound muffler. 

The best result is expected with a duck, but this improved version can work without a duct.

Inlet silencer comes with a removable cap that further reduce noises. However, depending on your anbient temperature this might increase the the miner temp. Please monitor your system to ensure safe mining experience! We did use this silencer on Antiminer S9 with no issues, but please use this at your risk.

**Ships within 24hrs as long as USPS are open**

*Maximum 3 business days with backorders.


Why our silencer?

We ACTUALLY tested our design and we 3D print our silencer with an industrial grade 3D printer* unlike other sellers.

Other short and smaller silencers simply won’t work as good as ours. we have sold 19 units in August.

* Only the intake silencer is 3D printed with an industrial grade printer since it has a small features. Others are subject to the machine availability at the time of order.



Super simple!!

Use Philips (+) screw driver to remove the screws holding your miner fans and fan grills. Then screw back the fan with our silencer! No other tool or no screws are necessary!


This outlet design is compatible with a 4 inch duct and please check the size in the picture.. Please contact me if you need a specific duct size. I can custom make it for you.


  • This does not include Antminer S9 only silencers. 
  • Silencers are to reduce the noise level of the miner fans, but it won’t dissapear completely. If you like to further reduce the noise, please use a duct on the outlet. Replacing your miner fan with quieter one will also help.
  • Please understand that this product is FDM 3D printed.
  • This product is made from eco friendly renewable resorce based plastic material, PLA+. 5 times more energy efficient manufacturing process.
  • No harash chemical is used. 
  • Ship wiwthin 24hrs (1 business day) or the maximum 3 day processing time if backorders exists.

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